Monday, January 5, 2009

Elliot Wasn't Hacked - It Was His Alibi

That clever fellow, Elliot Stearns, didn't have his site hacked. It was really an elaborate scheme to provide an alibi while he went undercover in his secret reign of terror:
Police say a woman who begged from a wheelchair was caught running from a crime scene on foot in Monterrey, Mexico. Police spokeswoman Sidlayin Robles says 30-year-old Ana Victoria Perez fled on foot after she and her husband allegedly threw a stone through the front window of a furniture store.

Perez was a regular fixture along a main Monterrey road, asking for change from motorists as she sat in a wheelchair pushed by her husband.

Robles said Monday that the couple apparently planned to rob the furniture store but were scared off by a security guard. They have been charged with vandalism.

Police arrested the couple when they returned for the wheelchair.

I never realized that he was such a master of disguise. And who is his partner in crime?


  1. Hah. You've caught him!

  2. Elliot now scares me. (but just a little : )