Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Walker Shoots His Own Campaign In Foot

With all of the hubbub that Walker has stirred up when he leaked the story about Supervisors Coggs' and Clark's trip to Washington D.C., he shot his own campaign strategy in the foot (or would it be paw?)

You see, Walker's already been known for using County resources and County staff to go campaigning around the state during the time he is supposed to be working as County Executive.

By making this stink about the supervisors, he has inadvertently kept himself from using the same campaign strategy this year.

After all, the economy won't be much better by summer, when he likes to take his Harley riding around the state in an effort to try to get some name recognition outside of southeast Wisconsin.

For him to do so would be hypocritical, and he wouldn't do something like that, would he?

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