Friday, January 23, 2009

They Just Need A Tax Cut - But Not A Job?

The rabid right are on a tear again with their already disproved theory that tax cuts will heal the global economy.

Scott Walker still wants to give income tax cuts to people that don't even have jobs with income that could be taxed.

Meanwhile, what do the people that got the Bush era tax cuts do to show how they create jobs? Well, of course, give themselves huge bonuses, even while their company flounders. Said benefits include a $87,000 rug as part of a $1.2 million dollar office renovation.

That's sure to help produce jobs, eh?

MAL Contends has more.


  1. Capps, look at the pork package currently running through Congress right now. Not much job creation there, either.

  2. The left is always tossing around the word "job creation" like it's the end-all buzz word that justifies government spending.

    It reminds me of the story of the engineer in China.

    "An engineer visited China and came
    across a large crew of men building a dam with picks and shovels. When the engineer pointed out to the supervisor that the job could be completed in a few
    days, rather than many months, if the men were given motorized earth-moving equipment, the supervisor said that such equipment would destroy many jobs.
    “Oh,” the engineer responded, “I thought you were interested in building a dam. If it’s more jobs you want, why don’t you have your men use spoons instead of

    The stimulus package can create all of the jobs the left loves to create, but it won't be a stimulus package worth its salt unless those jobs are economically productive.