Monday, January 19, 2009

NRA Loses Another Talking Point

The NRA and the gun-nuts love to tell us that "Guns don't kill. People do."

Unfortunately for them, Phelony Jones, neo-gunophile, is just giddy about getting her new shotgun. (I still don't understand that. It's like getting giddy about a new shovel or rake. It's just a tool, people!)

The distasteful but honest title of her piece on her piece is:
It's Here, It Kills Deer, Get Used to It!
But if guns don't kill people, how do they kill deer? Another lie from the right exposed.


  1. But if guns don't kill people, how do they kill deer?...People kill deer stupid.

  2. I'm the stupid one? This is coming from someone without a first grade reading comprehension ability?

    She said that it, meaning the gun, kills deer. Ergo, guns kill.

    Anonymous fool.

  3. Are you going to bring down a deer with a lovely matched set of steak knives?