Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Walker/Trump: Two Peas In A Pod

By Jeff Simpson

As the WISGOP gets ready to swear in their biggest majority since the 1950's, all the Republican elected's are more empowered than ever.  So empowered that they can not wait to get in front of any camera they can find.   They also know, after the Trump win, that the American people do not care what they say, just that they see them saying it.  

Scott Walker, gave such an interview the other day.  It was almost like Scott Walker was pretending the year long election never happened.  Let us take a quick look.

  "Here`s a guy who actually tells it like it is, and goes out and does it." Scott Walker on the Donald. 


That is the guy Scott Walker looks up too, seems like Billy Bush has Scott's dream Job.

But wait there is more:

I might have a slightly more polished way of doing that, but I do think that has been part of my appeal in the past, and I hope would be, if I choose to run again, part of my appeal going forward, is that I tell it like it is," Walker said.

Yes Scott Walker tells it like it is, except when he tells it like it isn't.  Ouch those pants can get very hot!  

Then of course he told us like it is - that protesters in Madison were just like terrorist group IsIs.

Also "Mr. Tell It Like It Is", let's us know that he thinks we should wall off Canada.  

Yes Scott Walker tells us like it is in his own little world, unfortunately, his perpetual struggle with the truth shows us that how it is in Scott's world has no real resemblance to how it is the real world.   

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