Friday, October 27, 2017

David DeGroot's Deceit

By Jeff Simpson 

We have posted before about the happenings in Mount (UN)Pleasant.  A local resident showed up to talk at a local Board meeting, Dave DeGroot spent a few minutes degrading her and dressing her down like a child, to let her know he was in charge.  

It was so ridiculous that Mr, DeGroot was censured by his own board.  DeGroot, proved that he can not open his mouth without inserting his foot.  

DeGroot attempted to vote against his own censure, forcing a 3 to 3 tie. But he was stopped by Feest and a village attorney who said the trustee being voted on can’t participate in the vote on their own censure.

Yes you read that right!  The Village President, tried to vote against his own censure(not the onion).   How can someone run a city who is that clueless about simple standard procedures?  

Its like Matt Groenig was basing this scene on David DeGroot himself:

Maybe Mr. DeGroot should take a lesson from Stan Lee and talk like his distant cousin:

Village President Dave DeGroot tried to bully a fellow citizen and wass thoroughly shamed for doing so.  

What do southeastern WI Republicans do when they get exposed and shamed?    

Why make an anonymous hate website of course.  We dealt with it with the Gnatsies(knot my wisconsin) cowards and now Kelly Gallaher is the subject of one.  

Here is one of the typical lines from this ridiculous site: 

I am so sorry I missed the meeting but I did listen to it. Did I hear correctly that Kelly used public comment to talk about her personal issues and not Village issues? Does a Village have the power to control free speech?
Must be a strict Constitutionalist.   

Whats even funnier, one of the Village Trustees is promoting this hate website on her facebook page as:

Trustee Anna Marie Clausen shared their post.May 20Trustee Anna Marie Clausen
May 20
To keep up-to-date on what's happening in Mount Pleasant, check out the new blog -

Say whaaaaaaaaa?  Keep up to date on what's happening in Mount Pleasant?  Let me help you with some more highlights from that "new" blog -  

Maybe it is about time Kelly G makes a Career Change as a Community Activist/Public Figure and finds something better to do with her time.
Here are some ideas of how she could become more productive than being a Community Activist/Public Figure.
8. Organize a Holiday Parade and invite the local Republican Politicians to Participate. It would be an opportunity to see they really are nice people and care about the community
9. Work on Governor Walkers Reelection Campaign – Less Stressful since he will Win Big!
10. Work on President Trumps Reelection Campaign – Less Stressful especially if Hillary Runs Again!  

Thanks Anna, who would want to miss that happening in Mount Pleasant? 

Its a coward that runs it but even Anna lets the cat out of the bag -  

Trustee Anna Marie Clausen I don't know who specifically does this but it is someone in DeGroot's camp.

So David DeGroot is a coward, who is not only incredibly dumb, but also very immature.   

You may ask yourself, why would I/We care what is going on in Mount Podunk? 

There are $3 Billion answers to that!  

See the clusterf^%*k that is Foxconn has chosen Mount (UN)Pleasant to build their super duper big factory (suicide nets optional), and this blockhead will have an effect on our $3 billion dollars.   

Then it dawns on me that Terry Gau has fleeced worked with a crew that includes the four half-wit horsemen - The Donald, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson and Paul Ryan and I realize now why he picked Mount Pleasant and dimwit DeGroot.    

Deal with Mome's and you can make more (taxpayer) money!   

PS:  Have something to say to Mr. DeGroot?

Village Board of Trustees
Title: Village President
Phone: 262-822-4349

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