Monday, August 27, 2018

Ah, Leah!

By Jeff Simpson

Get ready for the mud, Leah won. 

Leah Vukmir won her primary against Kevin Nicholson.  While it was somewhat surprising she won, the fact that she took the win with zero humility and went back to her vile, hypocritical self was not.  They do not call her nurse ratchet for nothing.

I am certain that the people of Wisconsin are sick of abhorrent politicians preaching hate.   Although some guys dog endorses her(seriously):

(Insert own joke here) 

Vukmir who recently called Tammy Baldwin a terrorist, and tweeted this vile picture:

No wonder her highest profile endorsement is a dog named Larry(who names their dog Larry anyway?). 

Leah is just getting started, look for a new low in Wi elections, and that will be quite a feat.  One I am sure Leah can live up to.


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