Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Dick and Leah

By Jeff Simpson

 If there is an actual event that epitomizes Leah Vukmir, it is her relationship with Illinois Billionaire Dick Uihlein

This is Leah.
Leah wants to be a US Senator. 
Leah loves the Donald.  In public.
Leah thinks the Donald stinks in private.
Leah is right, The Donald does stink. 

This is Dick.

Dick lives in Illinois.
Dick owns Uline.  Don't ever shop at Uline. 
Dick Has lots of money. 
Dick has eight "super PACS".
Dick gave lots of money to the Pedophile Roy Moore.
Dick is a real modern day Republican.
Dick has spent over $11 Million for Kevin Nicholson to try and beat Leah Vukmir. 
Dick really wants to buy another Senator.

Leah Vukmir took the high ground, and complained that Dick was an out of towner trying to buy a Senator.
Dick failed massively as Kevin Nicholson lost.
Leah immediately started begging Dick for lots of money
Leah no longer cares that a guy from Illinois is trying to buy a Senate seat, since she is up for sale. 
The right leaning Politifact gave Leah a Full Flip
Leah is not even elected yet, and she has mastered the art of flip flop and doing anything for money. 

This is Ron Johnson(RoJo). 

RoJo is not very smart.
RoJo had his father-in-law buy him a Senate seat. 
RoJo knows it pays to marry money.
Rojo will be "twisting Dick's arms" to get him to buy Leah.
Rojo is very interested in Leah winning the other Senate seat.
Rojo is not very interested in Wisconsin or doing his job. 
Do not be like RoJo. 

This is the NRA.
They are a terrorist organization. 
They have given almost $3 million dollars to Leah
It is dirty bloody money.
Leah likes any kind of money.   Yuck. 
Let's treat the NRA as the dangerous org they are and stay away from their candidates. 

This is Tammy.
Tammy is our current Senator.
Tammy fights for healthcare, US jobs and human rights.
Leah and the bad men do not like those things. 
That is why they are spending so much money to stop her.

Do not let the bad men and Leah win.
The future of Wisconsin hinges on it. 

Vote Tuesday November 6th, 2018
Thank you! 

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