Saturday, August 25, 2018

Free Hugs! Love Scott Walker

By Jeff Simpson

By now, everyone around Wisconsin knows that Madison had torrential rains recently and is flooding and in danger of catastrophe if the rains continue.   While this is what climate change looks like, and the anti-science stance of Walker Administration plays a large part in the devastating storms we are experiencing and the damage they cause, that story is for another time. 

Here I want to point out reactions to this devastation.  Starting with Scott Walker himself. 

Yes the career politician, whose home county is flooded and roads are closed close to where he lives, decides to "tour" Dane County and amidst the wreckage, decides to give out hugs. 

Melissa Sargent, Assembly Rep from the 48th, skipped the hugs and took her family and grabbed a shovel and started sandbagging. 

Chris Taylor, Assembly Rep from the 76th, the same thing:
Mayor, and former candidate for Governor, Paul Soglin, skipped the hugs, and grabbed a vest and helped direct traffic.

Leaders lead, and career politicians talk about giving hugs.  We know that Scott Walker is a political machine, he does not stray off his message, he can strike with dirt and pretend no one can see the stains on him, and will say anything to get elected. 

However, after 8 years in the spotlight, we know that when it comes to actual governing, Scott Walker comes up short.

Every. Single. Time. 

Let's make sure that Scott Walker is able to get a hug in November when he loses and has to go house hunting. 

We need real leaders in Wisconsin again! 

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