Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Milwaukee Republicans: Welcome To The Grand Delusion

They say seeing is believing but I have seen something that I'm still in disbelief about.

Last week, the Republican Party of Milwaukee County drank deeply of the orange Kool-aid and posted this on their Facebook page:

Believe it or not, they were serious about this too.

I wonder what part of his billionaire lifestyle they think Trump gave up. Not only did he not give up his fortune, he has held on to his holdings and increased his income by charging the government for his almost weekly golf trips to Mar-A-Lago and having government business conducted in various Trump Towers.

But at least he believes in sharing the wealth...with his kids. Giving them made up jobs to help them exploit and monetize the White House.

And just what the hell is he saving us from? Little brown babies being ripped from their mothers' arms so that they can be housed in glorified dog kennels only to be emotionally, physically and sexually abused before dying from neglect? Is he protecting us from peace and prosperity? Perhaps he's saving us from world peace and basic human rights.

After repeatedly being challenged by liberals and conservatives alike, they issued this response to all of the criticism with a breathtaking show of arrogance:

If that was more than enough for you, brace yourself. Because there's more. There's always more.

On the day and about the same time that Trump aid Paul Manafort was found guilty of eight counts and his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, took a plea deal, the Milwaukee Republicans had to show themselves to be the complete and utter idiots that they are and once again proving that they are not to be and cannot be ever taken seriously by posting this:

So remember the valuable lesson in all of this, don't drink the orange Kool-aid. Not even once.

It will make you become a cultist and do foolish things.

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  1. How do they know his worth? Have they sese his tax returns?