Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Sore Loser Of The Day

Randy Bryce told me that when Cathy Myers called him last night to concede the election, she was actually pleasant.  I thought that was a nice surprise, especially after the highly negative and vitriol-filled campaign she ran.  I naively thought that that was at least over and we could just move on to take out Lyin' Bryan Steil, Ryan clone.

Then when I got home tonight, I saw this:

Man, that is just sad.  I just hope that Myers keeps her word and endorses Randy for the general election.  


  1. Then there are candidates who lied their way into a General Election.

  2. She will never stop and neither will Dennis. They are bitter, mean and spiteful.

  3. The concession speech posted on her FB page did end with her supporting him and asking her followers to support him. Her campaign staff was wicked though.