Saturday, August 4, 2018

White Privilege Amongst Team Myers

"Democratic" candidate Cathy Myers, who acts more and more every day like a plant by the Republicans, sure can draw some super staff members and supporters..

Today's example is one Samantha Hanahentzen, one of Myers' paid staffers..  She got into a twitter fight with a supporter of Randy "IronStache" Bryce, arguing that Myers would be the better candidate because she has ovaries.  She doesn't explain how that's a qualifier, but whatever.

But then she questions Bryce's heritage.  Bryce is half Mexican, but Hanahentzen refutes that with what I'm sure passes as impeccable logic for her:

Brilliant! Because he doesn't speak Spanish or have a Spanish sounding last name, obviously he can't be of Latino heritage.

The saddest part is that Hanahentzen most likely got this rationale straight from Myers' campaign, which is so toxic now that they will poison everything and everyone around them with their lies and smears.

I can't wait until August 15th when Myers and all her little trolls crawl back under the rocks they came from.

ADDENDUM: I would strongly advise that Hanahentzen and anyone else that thinks the same way read this article.


  1. This is exactly my issue with Cathy's campaign. She's on a power-trip and thinking because other women have won, she will too. I am very welcoming to women who want to represent us for the right reasons. But she only recognizes women, complains about her volunteers, and doesn't give the time of day to men. So she wants to win and only represent women? That's pretty lousy strategy. Randy has had my vote from the start because he's running for the right reasons.

    1. Wow Thank you . You hit it right on the dot. She really does. Just like her saying she won 2 debates. She thinks she can win any one.

  2. Assuming someone should win based on gender, ie: female, is sexist in and of itself. They can't win thru normal methods, so attack the person, not his stance on issues. Horrible way to campaign and she's lost my vote.

  3. Something is wrong with the Cathy Myers and Christine Taylors of the world.

    I still get people telling me I don't "look Mexican." Imbecilic.

    This nonsense about any male being unqualified for public office, on the say-so of self-proclaimed deciders of accredited victims, is divisive and equally moronic.