Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Because Guns Create Jobs, Right?

Do you remember Scott Walker and his Republican allies in the legislature saying their number one focus was to create jobs? Neither do they.

Instead, they are passing their extremist social engineering agenda which, today, included concealed carry legislation. Obviously, this creates no jobs unless you count the vacancies left by the victims of this careless and socially irresponsible law.

Steve Jagler at BizTimes.com did a real reporter's work and reached out to numerous business leaders in the Milwaukee area to get their take on the concealed carry legislation.  Unsurprisingly, the far greater majority of the job creators thought it was a bad idea. Jagler lists several of the responses in his column, but my personal favorite it this one:
H. Carl Mueller, president of Mueller Communications Inc., Milwaukee, said his company will not permit concealed weapons on the premises. “We already carry concealed weapons. We believe the pen is mightier than the sword, and we all carry pens. As for firearms, I asked the staff,and no one is interested in carrying concealed firearms. We will consider putting a sign on our door telling anyone who wishes to enter that we do not permit and firearms to be brought into our offices – concealed or otherwise. We also hope we won’t need such a sign.”
Sadly, the pro-gun doofuses of the blogging world, like Owen and Daddio, will never be able to figure out this simple concepts.

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  1. Most disappointing is Lena Taylor's vote for the bill. She says she "understands the challenges of urban Wisconsin."

    She needs an education -- or maybe a primary challenge. Disgusting.

    Spencer Coggs, Tim Carpenter and Chris Larson know something about urban challenges, too, and they all voted no.