Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kapanke's Two Part Campaign Strategy: Spaghetti and Lightning

State Senator Dan Kapanke (R-Copeland Field) is obviously feeling the heat of the upcoming recall election.  In response, his crack campaign team* has devised a two part campaign strategy which they have apparently named "Spaghetti and Lightning."

The spaghetti part, named after the act of testing cooked spaghetti by throwing it against a wall to see if it will stick, has already been launched when Team Kapanke filed a lawsuit seeking a halt to the recall election.  Team Kapanke's argument appears to be that there are irregularities in the recall petitions. Then again, given the Republicans' track record, Kapanke probably considers them to be irregular because they were collected in a grassroots uprising of all sorts of people and not by some paid, out-of-state felon.

I freely admit I'm not familiar with all the nuances of election laws, I have a feeling that Kapanke's spaghetti, unlike his political career, his not done yet and nothing will stick.

The other part of his campaign strategy is based on the hope that the old adage "Lightning never strikes twice" is as inaccurate has his campaign finance accounting.

Kapanke is hoping that the voters in his district, with a large number of public employees, fall back asleep, and allow him to eke out another victory.  He is hoping for a recurrence of  November 2010, when the populace did fall asleep on election day and allowed WISGOP to have such a wide sweep of victories, not just across the state but across the country.  This is why there is such an unprecedented level of voters' remorse everywhere one goes.

Again, I would hazard to say that Kapanke is out of luck.  He and his WISGOP colleagues in corruption have  woken the sleeping giant, and I don't see this giant going back to sleep for a long, long time.

*There is no confirmation at this time if certain right wing operatives are part of said campaign team.

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