Sunday, June 5, 2011

#walkerville Schedule

For those of you who are at #walkerville or plan on going there some time this week, here is the schedule that of planned events:

Walkerville - a 'city' of tents around the Capitol square calling attention to the devastating state budget cuts to education, health care and other programs benefiting Wisconsin's working families.
Saturday June 4 – Tent city opens
· 7:00 p.m. tent city opens
· 7:30 p.m. Briefing on Tent city
· 7:30-9:00 open mike event (why I am here)
Sunday June 5 - K12 Education
· 3-5 Press Kick off of Tent City with communal meal
· 9:00 p.m. movie Freedom Riders
Monday June 6- Public Services
· 12:00 pm march to the Capitol
· 12:00 pm and 7pm, Program
Tuesday June 7 – Healthcare
· 12:00pm and 7pm, Program
1:00 pm Press conference at the Capitol on immigration
Wednesday June 8- Higher Ed
· 12:00pm and 7pm, Program
Thursday June 9- Democracy/Corporate Power
· 12:00pm and 7pm, Program
· 9:00 pm Screening of Too big to Fail with speaker
Friday June 10 – Anything Goes Friday
· 12:00pm and 7pm, Program
Saturday June 11 – Social & Economic Justice
· 12:00pm and 7pm, Program

For those of you out there tonight or those coming out, I salute you and thank you.

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