Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Disingenuous Walker Lies Disingenuously

In one short article appearing on JSOnline, Scott Walker tells two whopping doozies of lies.  (Of course, staying true to their fine journalistic failings, the paper never bothered questioning Walker on either one of them.)

Doozie number one is that people are tired of the recalls, even though they haven't even happened yet. Sounds like he's willing to through his fellow Republicans under the bus in order to save his own butt from the recall machine:
Gov. Scott Walker says the upcoming recall elections are an “inconvenience” and a “distraction” to most Wisconsinites.

“People are ready to move on,” Walker said in an interview after an appearance in Washington, D.C. “And I don’t just mean one party or another. I think just in general. The average citizen in Wisconsin I talk to, it’s like they’ve had it … They want us to be talking about jobs. They want us to be focused on that … And so having another political campaign -- it’s going to happen, it’s not like they can avoid it. But it’s not something they’re particularly interested in.”

Walker said that “when I talk to people, if that issue comes up, they’re like, ‘Can’t that just be over? ‘”
The problem for Walker glib falsehood is that it's, well, a glib falsehood.

Less than a month ago, the most recent poll shows just the opposite of what Walker's trying to feed people:
Voters split evenly in February at 48% on the question of recalling Walker but now the needle has moved towards bare majority support for removing him early from office. 50% say they would support a recall to 47% who are opposed. That Walker's disapproval is 54% but the support for recall is only 50% shows there are still some voters who dislike him but wouldn't go so far as to support removing him from office, but there aren't many.
Things aren't looking so good for Republican senators either:
And the implications of this finding are probably limited for the upcoming State Senate recall elections but by a 50-42 margin voters in the state would rather have the Democrats in control of that body than the Republicans.
Walker follows up doozie of a lie number one hard with the second one, in which he claims that he's never said anything but glowing things about teachers. Oopsie, not quite:

Um yeah, saying that the teachers are just thugs on a leash and that no one likes them isn't exactly a warm fuzzy, much less a glowing recommendation.

But I would point out how careful Walker was to parse his words and say that he was "saying great things about teachers."

We all know that actions speak louder than words. And Walker's actions has been even less heart-warming than his calling them not just thugs but unpopular ones to boot.

He wants to cut their pay by nearly 20% and take away their rights.  And that's just for beginners.  He also wants to do away with responsible, public education and put the teachers (whatever number stays in the field) to work for for-profit mercenary private schools who's concern is not educating the children but profiting off of them.  Then when the kids don't have a decent education, they can drop out at the age of 14 to work in the mines or the sweats shops, or worse.

Yeah, Walker's idea of utopia is one only a sociopath could appreciate. Is it any wonder he's feeling a bit antsy about the upcoming recalls, both the senators' and then, later on, his own?

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