Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part III

Wow! Things are really picking up in Wisconsin thanks to Walker's budget, which hasn't even been enacted yet.

This bit of good news: Unemployment is up again!
Wisconsin's unemployment rate ticked up slightly in May as the state added just 900 private sector jobs last month as the pace of hiring cooled.

Figures released by the Department of Workforce Development Thursday showed the jobless rate increasing to 7.4 percent in May. It was 7.3 percent in April and 8.5 percent a year ago.
The article goes on to say that there has been an overall increase in jobs in Wisconsin, but points out that these are mostly in service jobs, like McDonald's and other part-time, minimum wage jobs, and not the family supporting jobs that we desperately need.

Scott Walker's job plan is the equivalent of corporate slavery. Just the type of thing Wisconsinites fought and died to get rid of a hundred years ago.

No wonder he is so desperate to try to kill of the unions. He just can't allow people to be independent and self-sustaining. Then he couldn't control them for his corporate masters.

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