Saturday, December 13, 2014

Another Day Another Religious Gaffe By Scott Walker

Just a couple of days ago, Scott Walker became a national laughingstock when it was reported that he signed a letter to a constituent with "Thanks again and Molotov."

Now, another religious gaffe by Walker has surfaced.

Last month, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Walker tried to justify his refusal to expand Medicaid in Wisconsin by saying:
“It’s probably not fair to ask the son of a preacher to use biblical metaphors,” Walker said. “My reading of the Bible finds plenty of reminders that it’s better to teach someone to fish than to give them fish if they’re able. . . . Caring for the poor isn’t the same as taking money from the federal government to lock more people into Medicaid.”
Blogger Chris Walker (no relation to the governor) caught the gaffe and pointed out that Walker was actually citing a Chinese proverb and not a Bible verse.

Walker (the blogger, not the despot) goes on to point out that Bible actually contradicts what Walker (the despot, not the blogger) is trying to argue.

That's gotta be rather embarrassing to the preacher's son.

But there's more.

Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel finally got around to reporting on this gaffe and contacted Team Walker who had a curious response:
Team Walker disagrees.

"The governor specifically says it’s in his reading of the Bible," said Laurel Patrick, press secretary for Walker. "He’s not quoting scripture."
Well, doesn't that clear nothing up? He's citing the Bible but not the Bible? Huh?

The one thing we do know is that not only did Scott Walker drop out of college, he apparently dropped out of Sunday School too.

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  1. P.K.s almost never read the bible.
    They're stuck between everybody thinking they are high on the moral and religious side, well-mannered. Where in reality they are usually just poor kids living in a tax free zone, having a hard time to adjusting to all the other kids having stuff.

  2. Thank goodness our super intellectual governor is running for President. The national press will have a field day with all his gaffes. Scott Walker may be strategically
    smart (loves to hit below the belt), but
    intellectually he is so far beneath every other
    candidate. The national media won't coddle
    the Governor the way talk radio has. Walker's tricks of distraction like his bald spot or his bogus pheasant accident will not play out on the national stage well. Walker plays the victim well in WI, but the nation is not going to buy into it.

  3. As far as eating fish goes as I recall Jesus was all about making a little bit go a long way so that everybody was fed equally. Not exactly Scott Walker's philosophy, or his goal, or his outcome.

    That stuff about being a "fisher of men," though? Right up Scotty's alley. He treats of like trout, and half of us are stupid enough to bite and keep right on biting until we land in the frying pan or the fire.