Saturday, December 27, 2014

MD Kittle Attacks - And Loses!

By Jeff Simpson

M.D. Kittle from WIsconsin Reporter had a virtual vendetta against a kindergarten teacher, who over the summer destroyed one of his hero Scott Walker's campaign signs.   Kittle wrote numerous stories on his Bradley Foundation funded right wing blog about the "horrific" incident, a decision was made recently to rightly return this teacher to her classroom.  

In a statement issued on Dec. 22, the district confirmed that Smith will return to teaching but with conditions.“The Board of Education has determined that it is appropriate to restore Ms. Smith to active teaching duties, but has also imposed several conditions to address this situation and to make certain that no similar incidents occur in the future,” the district said. “The Board of Education requires that all district employees understand that, as public servants, they are role models for district students and should exhibit appropriate public conduct, whether on or off the job.”The district stated: “The Board of Education wishes to make it clear that it does not condone Ms. Smith’s conduct. For that reason, the board has taken serious, remedial measures to address this situation. However, the board also concluded that it was a completely isolated event that is not representative of Ms. Smith’s character, or her record of service to our country and our district. The board also noted that district parents that have had children in Ms. Smith’s class praise her work as an educator.”
Kittle's withch unt resulted in a teacher being suspended,with pay, for a whole semester.  Which meant the school lost, the kids lost, this public servant lost in this.  The only good thing to come out of it was that in the end Matt Kittle also lost.  

why do teachers need a union?  Well funded right wing organizations like Wisconsin Reporter has a long history of attacking teachers and trying to get them fired.    Michael Grebe is in charge of millions upon millions of dollars, with the goal of electing Republicans.  He has proven that there will be no dissent allowed.  

The sad thing to think about is what public servant he sic's Wisconsin Reporter(his personal lapdog) on next.  

By the way want to know where people like Larry Mulqueen come up with their ideas of such things as "liberal hit list"?

Read the comments on this story by Kittle and it becomes very clear!


  1. What public servant does Kittle attack next? Probably the next public servant to destroy private property, would be my guess.

    1. I don't understand David Blaska? Did teacher Smith destroy public property?

    2. So Dave is your money on Jim Steineke?

      or David Prosser?

    3. The only thing Kittle should do is mind his own business,

      something you should learn blaska.

    4. Don't confuse Blaska with facts. It only makes him more deranged..

  2. How about those republican staffers I saw the capital one night at 2am dumping cans of pepsi on the floor?

  3. Wow, yesterday we learned that Jeff's ok going after politicians children and today he's fine with people vandalizing political opponents property.

  4. Im not even going to acknowledge the politicians kids comment. As for the other one, no I am not ok with people vandalizing property, BUT she was given a disorderly conduct ticket and fined for it. ENd of story. This happened in the summer, not on the job. This had nothing to do with her job and should not have been suspended for it.

  5. Speaking of property destruction- Wiesmuller was for destroying documents related to the John Doe investigation. Or- In January 2012, after the three-judge federal panel hearing a Democratic challenge to the redistricting maps ordered Republicans to produce all redistricting-related records, someone with the user name of an aide to Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald logged-on to GOP computers and deleted files and folders.

    Shall I go on?
    Not just some crappy signs.