Saturday, December 13, 2014

Walkergate: Kelly Rindfleisch Asks John Doe To The Big Dance

Kelly Rindfleisch, one of Scott Walker's top aides who pleaded guilty to illegally doing political work while on county time, is appealing her conviction.  Again:
A former aide to Gov. Scott Walker when he was Milwaukee county executive has appealed her conviction for misconduct in public office to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Kelly Rindfleisch filed the appeal on Friday. It comes after a state appeals court on a 2-1 vote upheld her conviction last month.

Rindfleisch was one of six people convicted as a result of a now-concluded “John Doe” investigation focusing on activities in Walker’s county executive office. Walker was never charged.

Rindfleisch had pleaded guilty to felony misconduct in office in October 2012 for doing campaign fundraising for then-lieutenant governor candidate Brett Davis during the time she was receiving a county paycheck.

Her appeal is based on investigators’ seizure of roughly 16,000 emails from her Yahoo and Google accounts. She argues on appeal that the emails were obtained during an unconstitutional search and should be suppressed.
Keep in mind that she appealed this issue during her trial and appealed her conviction on this matter.

She is obviously hoping to do a Scott Jensen-like maneuver in getting the case in a friendly venue where the rule of law is not as important as the rules of their corporate overlords.

I also find it ironic that Rindfleisch keeps crying about how broke she is but keeps finding the money to pay high-end Attorney Frank Gimbel to file these frivolous appeals.  Then again, she's probably getting a discount rate since Gimbel is a big supporter of Walker, who is helping pay for Rindfleisch's legal defense fund.


  1. Walker would only be paying for kelly's lawyers if she has some real dirt on him

  2. Scotty & the Overlords have Miss Kelly right where they want her. As long as they continue to fund her appeals, she remains in legal limboland where she will have to keep her incriminating mouth shut.

  3. Is it the same Frank Gimbel, the Molotov letter guy?