Monday, December 8, 2014

James Wigderson - Theater Critic

By Jeff Simpson

One of Madison's (you know the Wisconsin city perpetually voted as "Best Place to Live" in the US lists) gems is Broom Street Theater.   It is an actual non-profit theater that allows artistic freedom and their mission statement reads:

Broom Street Theater (BST) is a non-profit, member-controlled theater located in Wisconsin. BST volunteers and staff foster artistic freedom, growth, and expression through non-traditional experimental and/or original artistic forms.
Our goals include creating high quality and unique theater through
  • promoting communication, education, and entertainment;
  • challenging the cultural and intellectual assumptions of our audiences through unique and diverse productions;
  • producing world premiere adaptations or original concepts of extant works;
  • promoting and defending freedom of expression; and
  • supporting writer/directors’ visions of their own work without censorship.
BST respects and facilitates community access by maintaining reasonable ticket prices and by welcoming community members to become active in the theater, rewarding hard work with rights accompanied by responsibilities.

A future play is entitled “Greetings from Fitzwalkerstan”,         ! 

Artistic freedom, growth, and expression are foreign to right wing lapdogs like Jimmy Wigderson so when someone comes up with a play mocking our right wing extremist leaders, Jim does the only thing he can do.  Make fun from a distance.  

The plot is set against the chaos and protests surrounding the passage of Act 10. In case you were hoping for any subtlety, the Republican characters actually sing,

We’re deductive, reductive, Michele Bachmann-SeductiveDraconian, Nixonian, Not at all LincolnianEmpirical and spherical, as villains ShakespearicalWe’re the modern GOP pissing down on all you see
We all know that there is no one to parody in our modern day Republican party at all!

Wiggy thinks that gerrymandered districts and millions of dollars worth of negative ads and campaigning on false agenda's means that the state has taken a right word turn.  When you can only be entertained by right wing entertainers(which I believe, consists of Rob Schneider, Victoria Jackson and Fox News) that explains how dull and uncreative wiggy's blog can be.

Photo from public blog of Owen Robinson, Jimmy Wigderson, Freddy Dooley and Mikey Gableman apparently attending ethics fest. 

However there is good news, the write of Greetings from Fitzwalkerstan, has said that if the play is a success he will write a sequel and JWigs will get a part.    The tentative name to his character is called Noah Deas.

For those in the Madison area who have not been to Broom Street Theater before, its great inexpensive entertainment!   The current production is Gingerbreadcrumbs!


  1. This could go viral.
    Vos as a chubby, balding Don Juan breaking up unions, school boards and marriages. It's a musical? He'll be so happy to dress up in tights and a tutu to sing his favorite show tunes from Kinky Boots and La Cage aux Folles- he knows all of the words. Hope we can get tix.

  2. Yah, somehow I don't see this going to broadway. Really, what did this writer get, 1college credit for this? Should make one of the whining, crybaby unions, would be great to show their children in 15 years their looser parents, having a hissy fit at the Capitol. Oh yah, show them the fake sick notes and how they lied to their employers. Real roll models they are.

    1. *Broadway

      Anyway, I am glad that not everyone is a sheep like you.

  3. one college credit would make them qualified to be Governor.

    I know you wont come back to debate but if you do, I am curious as to who do you consider a role model