Friday, December 19, 2014

The Whiteness of 2015

 By Jeff Simpson

Reince Priebus, former voter cager, Robin Vos's old roommate and now national chair of the Republican party has a vision for his party:

Our overarching vision is a country that offers equal opportunity for everyone.
Reince also defines "everyone" differently than most.  One way that you can help support the Republican Party, and get a dose of their true vision, is to buy a 2015 GOP calendar:

The "Your America” Calendar features photos of what the American Dream means to supporters across the country — whether that’s a serene view of our lands’ natural beauty or your grandchildren waving the American flag for their very first time. Get your Official GOP 2015 “Your America” Calendar by submitting $9.00 or more to the RNC.

The people of color in the Republican vision of 2015 is as easy to find as the hitchhiker on the Old Style can.  We know that they have no use for people of color, but they could have at least found a stock photo to throw in the background of their vision for America.

Or maybe, since the Republican takeover of 2014, there truly is no future for people of color in America!


  1. One would think they'd be more successful at updating (sucking up personal info) their political databases by offering the calendar for free.

    Reince probably got a good deal on paper to recycle for the calendar from unsold copies of *UnIntimidated.*

    (Spell-check still won't accept that word.) ;-)

  2. Hey Jeff,

    What emboldens fat old white guys like you to start race baiting? Where does his black soul of yours come from?

    Maybe the same place your beer gut comes from?