Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Deanna Alexander Does It Again - Money Matters, Black Lives - Not So Much

Two days ago, I reported about a very disgusting and vile racist tweet made my Deanna Alexander, in which she mocked the last words spoken by Eric Garner, a black man who was choked to death by a New York cop:

To say that her racism set off a firestorm would be an understatement.

She has spent the last two days deleting comments off of her Facebook page and locking down her campaign Twitter account.  The only three other people I have seen do that are her good friends and benefactors - Scott Walker, David Clarke and Chris Abele.

Unfortunately for her, not all of her friends support her overt racism.

A friend of Cog Dis has shared these tweets made by Alexander, showing that while she might not think that black lives matter, she does care about one thing - money:

In other words, she is more concerned about businesses making money than she is about people making a living wage or the reason for the protests- another black man being unjustly killed by a white cop, something which has become epidemic across the country.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that Alexander opposes raising the minimum wage, much less making it a living wage, making her complaints hypocritical and hollow - much like her spirit.

The fact is that Alexander is an embarrassment to the Milwaukee County Board and to Milwaukee County in general.

If she had a shred of dignity or respectability, she would apologize and resign immediately.  Don't hold your breath for either of those things to happen, since she doesn't possess either of those qualities.

I again call on the Milwaukee County Board to censure Alexander for her overt racism and attempts to fan the flames of the racial tension that envelops our community.

In the meanwhile, you can contact Alexander and tell her you don't appreciate her racism and that it has no place in government. You can call her at 414-278-4259 or email her at


  1. Deanna, you have been judged to be a Racist! with a capital R and exclamation point multiplier by the fattest and the whitest of the fat white guys at cogdis. Hang your head in shame!

  2. The most dangerous belief of dumb politicians like Alexander is they have no understanding of how and why the consumer economy drives America's prosperity. When workers are paid more, these consumers have more money to spend, which ends up making more money for American businesses. Velocity of Money is not the speed of a quarter thrown by Aaron Rodgers.

  3. Deanna, you have been judged to be a Racist (capital R) by the Al Sharpton/Bill de Blasio Fan Club. Wear it with pride!

  4. WHAAAA-ska's and Alexander's racist trolling reminds me of this great quote from this week from Ta-Nehisi Coates:

    "The burden of whiteness is this. You can live in a world of myth and be taken seriously."

    The fact that dimwitted no-talents like Alexander and WHAAAA-ska get any kind of forum at all shows how pervasive wingnut welfare is for our media complex. Any right-wing hack is allowed to get their crap out there without being held to account for their idiocy, and the never get taken off the stage no matter how wrong they are.

  5. Doesn't Alexander represent a racially mixed district? I wonder what her black constituents (other than David Clarke) think?