Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Anniversary, Scott Walker!

Happy Anniversary to Scott Walker!

It was one year ago today that Scott Walker's presidential aspirations were officially declared dead.

When he ended his 70-day campaign, he was a hot mess.  His campaign owed over a million dollars and he was underwater in the pools, with less than a 40% approval rating. When he dropped out, he encouraged other Republican hopefuls to follow his lead so that there could be a focus on keeping Donald Trump from being the Republican nominee.

One year later and we find that Walker isn't faring any better than he was then - and in some ways, even worse off.

His campaign still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars and he is becoming more and more desperate in trying to raise any money to pay off his massive debt.

His approval rating is still underwater, as evidenced by a Marquette University poll that came out today:
Gov. Scott Walker's job approval was 43%, with 52% disapproving of his performance.
And now we find Walker touting Trump and encouraging people to vote for him.

And as the icing on his anniversary of failure cake, The Guardian recently reported on new Walkergate emails which really show just how corrupt Walker is and how he ran the state on a strictly pay-for-play basis.

So Happy Anniversary to Scott Walker! Now let's all raise our glasses in a toast that Walker will still get the one gift that he so richly deserves - an indictment.

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