Monday, September 19, 2016

Tyler August Deserves A New Job

By Jeff Simpson 

Tyler August, speaker pro tem of the Republican party of Wisconsin is running for re-election.  As Dave Zweifel put it, Mr. August has a reputation of not being the hardest worker.

State Rep. Tyler August, a 31-year-old Republican from Lake Geneva, is this year's poster boy for why Wisconsin needs to return to the days of a part-time Legislature.
August, who isn't exactly known as one of the Legislature's more productive members, became incensed earlier in the week after reading a story that Madison police had used a sting operation to nab two guys for violating the city's taxicab regulations and fined them each $1,317.
What do our full-time legislators do in their free time when they become incensed? They call their full-time and well-compensated staffs and order them to put together a press release, of course. What better way to keep your name before the public during an election year, especially if you can say something that many might consider outlandish?
Outlandish is exactly how August sounded, if not a bit stupid.

August has a pretty good gig, for not working very hard.

 Since then he's been receiving $49,943 a year plus $133 per diem for the days he's in Madison, mileage to drive back and forth from Lake Geneva, health insurance and pension coverage and a bunch of other perks, not to mention full-time staffers (August has two) to put together press releases and handle letters to constituents.

 Of course that isn't enough for Mr August  because a quick look at his campaign finance reports and you see he likes to supplement his income with your money.  He has reimbursed himself well over $2000 for "expenses" such as mileage, steak dinner at the Tornado rooms and a nice summer stay at a waterpark in the Dells(PS: The Tornado room and Dells are not in his district).

Another fun tidbit from his campaign finance reports he was reimbursed $900 for a trip to the ALEC conference,      I guess $900 is not much to pay to have someone do your thinking for you

To end the reign of gerry mandered districts, lazy reps with no independent thoughts and rubber stamps for a corrupt Governor.

The people of the 32nd district deserve a hardworking woman who will go to Madison to represent you, like you deserve to be represented.

Christine Welcher is a farmer and educator and proud alumni of UW-Madison and will make a difference for all Wisconsinites when you send her there.

Send Christine a few bucks or go help her out for a few hours.  She can win this with our help!

Let's show Tyler August how hard it is to get a good job with excellent benefits in The right to work world of Fitzwalkerstan!

By the way....a little fun fact: Our old friend Scott Tyre sent Tyler August $500!

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