Saturday, September 10, 2016

Quote Of The Day _ Adam Jarchow

By Jeff Simpson 

Rep. Adam Jarchow Was recently a speaker at the AFP- Defunding the American Dream summit in Florida(why Wisconsin GOP speak everywhere but WI is another story),  Never short of irony, AFP named Mr. Jarchow, who no one  knows in Wisconsin was speaking in the "rising stars" section of the summit.  I guess when you have zero name recognition there is no where to go but up.

However the fun part was what Mr. Jarchow said in this conference.   Mr. Jarchow points out that, in his experience in the GOP caucus, the one thing you do not need to be to run for office is intelligent.

ORLANDO – Asked what he would say to citizens contemplating a run for office, State Rep. Adam Jarchow, R- Balsam Lake, urged courage and action.
“If you want to run, run. Believe me, after having served in the Legislature it doesn’t take a rocket scientist,” the first-term lawmaker told attendees of Americans for Prosperity’s 10th annual Defending the American Dream Summit on Saturday. “If you think you are underqualified, you are probably not. So put your name on the ballot and run.”

Who knew that Mr. Jarchow was a member of A.I.M.?

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Make Captain America, Iron Man and the people of Wisconsin happy and Support Mr. Jarchow's opponent!   Jeff Peterson for Assembly 


  1. Even more telling was Jarchow's comment at the end of the article where he says Wisconsin Republicans have "100 years of progressive nonsense to unwind."

  2. Unfortunately Adam Jarchow's name is very well known to people across Wisconsin who care about our lakes. He authored some of the worst environmental legislation of the session, earning himself the distinction of being named to the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters' "Dishonor Roll."