Thursday, September 1, 2016

I'm With Her, Her and Her!

By Jeff Simpson

One lesson that this election season has taught us is that the Democratic Party is not with us.  From the DNC stacking the deck to give us the candidate with the most negatives ever to run for President(who gets less popular by the day), to the progressive disaster yesterday in Florida to right here in Wisconsin where after Bernie's overwhelming victory, Democratic Party chairwoman Martha Laning moved the goalposts to make sure Hillary had WI support, to how poorly the WISDEMS treated public school advocate Mandela Barnes in his campaign.

The other lesson we have yet to learn, but that we easily can, is that we do not need the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to be successful  As a matter of fact, the best bet for WI is to not rely on them and work to get local progressive candidates elected.    In the year where we will probably have the first woman elected, how ever poor of a candidate she is, we have it within our power to elect Wisconsin women who are real progressive champions.

The first amazing woman I will direct you to, is one of my all time favorite Wisconsin legislators - Mandy Wright,  Mandy is a former/current teacher and a true champion of public schools.   We have sung her praises here before, and you can help her by going to her facebook page and her website(send her a few bucks or go volunteer).

Next up is someone we have also profiled here, Christine Welcher.  Christine is on facebook here and her website is located here,  .  Christine is going to retire Tyler August in November, with our help!  Christine's interview with Wisconsin Eye is here.

Finally, one more progressive woman I want to introduce to you - Sarah Lloyd.  Ms. Lloyd has taken the challenge of running against one of Wisconsin;s craziest natives - Glenn Grothman   Glenn Grothman used to be counted on to give crazy quotes on an almost daily basis, but since he won a primary to take over for Tom Petrie, the Republican Party has not allowed him much freedom or daylight to be caught saying something dumb that disqualifies him from being at the adult table.

Sarah is a farmer, advocate and will be a great representative for the 6th Congressional District and not embarrass the great State of Wisconsin.....if we help her get to Washington DC.

Sarah can be found on facebook here and her wesbsite is here!

Here is an interview that Ms. Lloyd gave to WPR, give it a listen.

Image result for sarah lloyd wi

Let's show the Nation that Wisconsin is back on the map an sending intelligent, progressive, amazing women to represent us and be a model to the Nation again!

Share their sites, talk to your neighbors and friends and family members all over WI and tell them, how ever they feel about the top of the ballot, the bottom of the ballot is what will steer the ship in the coming years for our state and our nation.  Send them a few dollars if you can, and when you get the DNC fundraising emails, and letters, remember that while we are not enemies, we really are not on the same side at this point.

Let's win these races and then re evaluate how we work with the party going forward after the elections!