Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trump - 1 / 69 Year Old Woman - 0


By Jeff Simpson

In a recent rally in North Carolina, some of The Donalds best supporters have given us a glimpse of what we can expect with a Trump Presidency.

A good Christian and Republican decided that a 69 year old woman had no right to protest in his Murica.

Then this happened. I quote from Western NC's WLOS 13 ...
After the rally, Teeter experienced something she had never seen in all of her protests. Peace teetered over into something else.
"I said you better learn to speak Russian, and I said the first two words are going to be, ha ha. He stopped in his tracks, and he turned around and just cold-cocked me," Teter said.
She was punched in the face.
She says she fell on her oxygen tank and has sore ribs, a sore jaw, and cut her elbow. She later went to the hospital and is thankful she did not break any bones.

Inside the building this was going on:

There is of course nothing new here, as this has been happening for quite some time at Trump rallies!

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