Thursday, September 1, 2016

RoJo Pays for Purity

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By Jeff Simpson

Everyone who pays attention to politics knows the Ron Johnson story. After college he was laboring in odd jobs and was a class ring salesman when he met a rich mans daughter and married into money  His father-in-law realized the lack of talent and set him up in a company where he only had to deal with one customer - Daddy.  RoJo was quite successful selling to daddy and his company(PACUR) flourished.

Ron was bored with little responsibility and on one of his trips to Madison, to testify against holding pedophile priests accountable for their crimes, caught the political bug.  His father-in-law, sick of covering for him at work, decided to stake him $10 million dollars for a run for Senate.  Knowing that it was a small price to pay to get RoJo out of the house and out of his hair.

The problem with RoJo is he seems to be the only one who is not aware of his history.  RoJo believes he was the one who started the company and led it too success.  Now he wants to make sure that when the time comes for him to leave our plane of existence that his children only get the money they were born into if they deserve it.

In case you were wondering, what would force the kids to be written out of the will, there are two instances only.

But under the section labeled “termination of benefits,” things become odd. Johnson and his wife decreed that his children could be cut off from receiving their share of the trust in just two cases: demonstrating egregious criminal behavior or having “more than one child” without being married. See the relevant passages below:
Ron Johnson Trust Probate Case-2 ron johnson
 No egregious criminal behavior(thank goodness Scott Walker is not his son) and two children out of wedlock.   That means if the kids get/become pregnant, their options turn out to be give up their trust fund and work for a living or have an abortion.   It is nice for RoJo to spell it out for them in black and white.  
Of course, there is always more, so there is actually another option for the kids.   RoJo knows that instead of learning about sexual education or birth control etc...the best way to teach the kids would be to throw  a video in for them explaining the importance of abstinence.  

Ronnie is a busy guy so in order to do my public service I found a couple of videos he can show his offspring to make sure that there are no unwanted children until they are ready to walk down the aisle in holy matrimony.   
To the Johnson kids - You are welcome(sorry Ken Burns has not tackled this subject yet)!   

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