Saturday, February 4, 2017

Baldwin Burns Walker In Twitter Flame Fight

Wisconsin Republicans have decided to ignore what usually happens in midterm elections and go all in in trying to defeat U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin in 2018. They have already started to attack and smear Baldwin at every turn.

Going along with that, and kissing up to Trump, Scott Walker went after Baldwin to try to force her to vote for Trump's nomination for SCOTUS, Neil Gorsuch:

Baldwin, who has already come out to say she won't vote for Grosuch, was having none of it and leveled Walker with one tweet:

Walker got his fee fees all hurt and sent out no less than sixteen petulant tweets, showing his immaturity and inability to cope with the truth.

Ironically, some of Walker's sniveling accused Baldwin of pandering to "liberal special interests. Yeah, this is the same guy who was described by prosecutors has being the center of a "criminal scheme" with dark money conservative groups.

Since Walker obviously didn't learn from the first time, Baldwin slammed him again:

Walker quickly backed down, saying he was happy being governor and had no interest in being a senator. I reckon he is hoping that no one will remember that he was so happy being governor that he ran for president, even though his campaign lasted only 10 weeks before imploding completely.

The real reason Walker doesn't want to trade jobs is that he thinks he has a better chance of being president being a governor rather than a senator. And trust me, he will run again. He's sucking up to Trump now, but once he gets what he wants from him, Walker will turn on Trump in a heartbeat, just like he did to Mitt Romney during the 2012 elections.


  1. It's alright! The GOP doesn't want any judge that Baldwin would vote for on the Supreme Court!

    1. So what's the problem? Sounds like Tammy's doing her job, and Gov Dropout needs to shut up and worry about his, especially since the state continues to fall apart under Walker's "watch."

      Which was Tammy's point, and it hit the mark

  2. What a dumbshit Walker is. He calls Baldwin "out of the mainstream" for refusing to meet with a SC justice nominee whose experience is nearly identical to that of Judge Merrick Garland. He post-makes the argument that RoJo is out of the mainstream for refusing to meet with Merrick Garland, whose SC credentials are suddenly acceptable. Not to mention Walker's other GOP heroes--McConnell, Ryan and assorted GOP swamp dwellers.

  3. Tammy, I still want my money back from Cheney/Obamas bank crash. Stole my kids and my grandkids house.
    You have NEVER answered any of my correspondence to you.
    This unresponsiveness to constituent concerns is why Demagog Trump won, and why you alleged 'democrats' excel at losing elections, the only thing you do well…