Friday, February 17, 2017

Paul Ryan's Ever Shrinking Nut Sack

By Jeff Simpson

Congressman Luis V. GutiĆ©rrez (D-IL) asked for a meeting with Acting Director Thomas Homan of ICE in the US Capitol.     It was originally scheduled for Tuesday of this week and postponed for this morning.   When Rep. Guttierrez showed up he was greeted with a first in his more than 20 year career.   Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.) kicked him out of the meeting!  

The following is a statement by Rep. Luis V. GutiĆ©rrez, who is a Member of the House Judiciary Committee and the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security and the Chairman of the CHC Taskforce on Immigration.  He represents the 4th District of Illinois and is starting his 13th term. In 20-plus years, I have never heard of the Republicans controlling what meetings Democrats can have with officials of the Executive Branch and never had a staffer ask me to leave a meeting to which I am entitled to attend.  My constituents have questions about who is being targeted by ICE, which DREAMers with DACA they are targeting for deportation, which victims of domestic violence ICE is deporting, which immigrants at church shelters are being targeted.  We know the statements by Trump about targeting criminals is a lie, but we were hoping someone could give us the truth or any information at all.  The new mass deportation executive orders are unprecedented, but so are the lengths to which the Speaker and Chairman Goodlatte are going to control the information being disseminated to Members of Congress.  I expect such dictatorial shenanigans from the Trump Administration, but not from competent, compassionate legislators like Speaker Ryan or from legislators like Bob Goodlatte.  Do they have ear pieces feeding them orders from President Bannon or the others making decisions in the White House?  Speaker Ryan is not an emperor and does not control who I meet with.  My colleagues and I asked for this meeting and we still have not been given details by ICE about who they are deporting, why, and how.  We simply have hit a stone wall and now Republicans in the House are cooperating in limiting the information that we can provide to our constituents.

Yes the pride of Janesville, will not even allow democratically elected members of the opposing party to hear information, much less question him.

biggest. fake. ever!

Samantha Bee featured Paul Ryan recently:

My only complain is I would call Paul,  Trump's faithful Dachshund


  1. Another title for this item might be "Saving Ryan's Privates."

  2. "Shrinking Ryan's Privates"