Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Duffy: There's A Difference Between Muslim And White Terror

Sean Duffy, former reality TV star, took some time from admiring himself in the mirror to appear on CNN with Alisyn Camerota to discuss terrorism.

In the interview, Duffy said that there was a big difference between Muslim terrorism and good, old-fashioned, home grown white terrorism:
"Why isn't the President talking about the white terrorists who mowed down six Muslims praying at their mosque," she asked.

"I don't know," the Wisconsin Republican replied, referencing the mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec City last month. "There's a difference."

"You don't have a group like ISIS or al Qaeda that is inspiring people around the world to take up arms and kill innocents. ... That was a one off, Alisyn," Duffy added.

Camerota mentioned 1995's Oklahoma City bombing before asking if the Trump surrogate believed that white terrorists exist. But Duffy said those incidents do not compare.

"So you give me two examples, right," Duffy replied. "If you want to compare this one person in the last 10 years that you can give an example ... Oklahoma City bombing was 20 years ago."

And "that's different than the whole movement that has taken place through ISIS, that's inspired attacks," he said.

Camerota also mentioned Dylann Roof, a white man who killed nine black Americans in a Charleston church.

Duffy mentioned the shooting of Gabby Giffords, which was done by Jared Lee Loughner, a white American, who the lawmaker called "a leftist guy."

"And now you see violence and terror in the streets all across America, burning and beating people with Donald Trump hats," he said. "The left has to say violence is wrong."

The lawmaker asked what could be done to address terrorism from white Americans.

"How should we vet that to keep ourselves safe? I will join you in that effort, what do you do," he asked. "It's horrible. what do we do on the white supremacy front to make sure we don't have another attack like Charleston?"
There are no groups that promote white hate or white terror? Has Duffy truly never heard of the KKK? Has Duffy truly never seen the list of hate groups and hate crimes listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center?

Then again, I suppose it's not really too surprising that Duffy doesn't want to admit to anything like white hate, since he has his own history of terrorizing a political opponent who had the nerve to show videos from a movie that he and his wife starred in that promoted gay marriage. (The video has since been scrubbed.)

It's also disingenuous for Duffy to throw up his hands on what to do about white terrorism. Why not do the same thing as they want to do to Muslims? Let's start with profiling white, conservative males, usually with a military background and are frequent listeners to squawk radio and watch Faux News regularly?

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  1. This dimwitted Koch puppet thinks that the Trump "racism and resentment" act is still relevant in 2017. Too bad for Duffy is that we already see what an epic FAIL that mentality is, both in DC and in Wisconsin.

    By 2018, this dumbass's act is getting him sent back to the Real World. But of course, he and his Koch-addled wife and 8 kids will never stay in Wausau, they'll just move full-time to the Beltway to cash in on more rubes.