Monday, March 27, 2017

A Turkey In West Bend And For Once It Wasn't Owen Robinson

My mind automatically goes to Owen Robinson whenever I hear the words turkey and West Bend in the same sentence.  For once, it wasn't him:
On Sunday afternoon, residents of a home in the Town of West Bend heard a "commotion" from inside an upstairs bedroom.

They cracked open the door and were startled to see a turkey on the bed.

The homeowners called sheriff's deputies, who arrived five minutes later to find the turkey "destroying" the bedroom, according to a popular post on the department's Facebook page.

The turkey had broken through a second-story window. Deputies had a "plan to safely take the bird into custody without knocking the stuffing out of it," wrapped the bird in a blanket and took it outside.

"Although the deputies suspected fowl play, the turkey was released from custody with no charges," officials joked in the Facebook post.
Then again, on second thought, maybe it was.

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