Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Watch Scott Walker Eat

By Jeff Simpson 

Recently, Samantha Bee did a whole segment on Scott Walker and his creepy obsession with food.   

We already knew how much Scott Walker likes to drink beer and spend money like a drunken sailor.  
Now Samantha Bee took it a step further and painstakingly combed through Walker's tweets to see the numerous pictures of ham sandwiches and desserts.   

Despite his tweets being made fun of universally, there is no amount of shame that can stop Scott Walker from attempting to be one of the "cool kids".   

Now he was drinking some Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and God knows what else before watching the Badgers Basketball 

Pre-game at Jackson's with Tonette, Matt & Alex.


Maybe under the new GOP plan of bold reforms we can all adopt seniors and drop off doggy bags of half eaten foods to take the place of Meals on Wheels.  

Of course Captain Panderer also wants to let Marquette fans know that he can get drunk during your games also! 

Sharing a drink & pizza with my sons before the game.
Apparently, Miller Lite is not strong enough for the kids, so they are going straight Bourbon. Hopefully it is made in Wisconsin.
Thank Goodness for Scott Walker's kidneys that UW-Milwaukee did not win their title game and make the tournament also.   
By the way if you think all Governor Walker does is drink? That is because, being the good Christian he is, he gave up sweets for Lent, and he needs something to cover for his sweet tooth!

Banana Cream Pie on before I give up sweets for Lent.

If that picture does not keep you up at night, nothing will!

Of course we wont be able to get treated to the pleasure of Scott Walker drinking and stuffing his face from the stalwart of Halverson's Supper Club in Stoughton. since they shut their doors last weekend after 90 years in business!  

Ut sure isn't working but at ;least Scott Walker gets plenty to eat and drink!    

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