Sunday, March 19, 2017

Waukesha School DIstrict Tackles Le'veon Bell

By Jeff Simpson

The Wonderful City of Waukesha!   We have pointed out before, that while Waukesha seems to currently be running our state, that is NOT a good thing!  

Well, Waukesha is at it again, this time via their local school district.

Ava Tarantino, a local high school junior is (for some reason) a major Pittsburgh Steelers fan and by default a fan of their best player Le'Veon Bell. 

One of the benefits of this era of social media, is you are a computer keyboard away from contacting your heroes.    Ms. Tarantino did just that and reached out via twitter!

600 & it's a deal

Ms, Tarantino ended up with over 1500 retweets and as Mr, Bell put it: 

welllll, a deal is a deal ......see youu at your prom 😊
A deal is a deal and all is well that ends well.  A local junior asks her celebrity hero to her junior prom, he says yes and she gets to have one of the most memorable experiences of her lifetime.  
A quick disclaimer, Mr. Bell, obviously posted 600 retweets without truly thinking it through and once he did, decided he would live up to his deal and enjoy the moment.   Mr. Bell had already made plans to bring his mother with him and his fiance was going to join him also and do Ms. Tarantino's makeup.   

What a great experience and fun for all.   Including the rest of the attendees of Prom who can say they were at the same Prom as an NFL Superstar.   

Waukesha School District spokeswoman Terry Schuster said Bell could attend the public events with 17-year-old Waukesha West junior Ava Tarantino, but she said district policy bars from the dance guests who have been involved in drug, alcohol or violent criminal incidents.
"You can Google Mr. Bell," Schuster said, an apparent allusion to the 2014 incident that earned Bell a two-game suspension. District policy also bars guests who are older than 19.
Bell, 25, has completed his probation program related to those transgressions. He’s also served not one but two suspensions related to the incident. (He missed time in early 2016 after missing subsequent drug tests.)

 While Ms. Schuster's "google him" comment, was incredibly unprofessional, I decided to take her up on that!

A quick google search tells me that you allowed Wild Bill Kramer to visit an elementary class of all places!  

Ok I get it, he was a predator who was finally jailed for his actions, but he was your elected rep, so you let him around the kids.  Hopefully someone was with him at all times!

Maybe it is the fact that it is a high profile athlete with a well publicized past that makes you nervous in terms of the publicity you would receive by his being involved at your school.

Well a quick check of the "google" look what I found!

Mark Chmura, a former Green Bay Packers Pro Bowl tight end and now the tight ends coach at Waukesha West,
I guess a city that voted overwhelmingly for this guy, does not find sexual assault to be as egregious as smoking marijuana.  

Or perhaps there is a difference that is causing the change of heart that I just can not see:

Nah! Couldn't be.   

Support Ms Tarantino in having a memorable Prom with people doing good deeds not one where she remembers the paranoia!  

Contact the school and tell them to stop blocking Le'veon Bell! 

Gray, ToddSuperintendent
Lindholm Administration Building
And the School Board!  
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