Thursday, March 23, 2017

Christian Schneider's Twaddle

By Jeff Simpson

Christian Schneider, the Bradley foundations implant into the Journal Sentinel, was recently lauded for writing a column about how crazy right wing Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is.

Unfortunately, the kudos were misplaced.   Christian Schneider and his dopplegangers like Charley Sykes, Vicki Mckenna, etc... are responsible for him being in the position he is in.  Which we will get back to later, first I want to give him credit where credit is due.

Schneider, as the ultimate Republican Party insider, let some truth accidentally slip into his column:

Politicians often need permission to talk a certain way — in the GOP's more conservative years, Paul Ryan gave Republicans permission to talk about reforming Social Security and Medicare without committing political suicide. After former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley condemned her state's connection to the Confederate flag, the dam burst and other Republicans followed.

You mean the GOP electeds are all lemmings and are not allowed independent thoughts or actions?  Who knew?  

In a first on CogDis I would like to congratulate Mr. Schneider for telling the truth and letting us get a glimpse inside Republican war rooms.  

That being said, let's go back to Sheriff Cowboy hat.     Our readers know that we have covered the traveling Sheriff numerous times right here and here among others.   The last thing I would ever do is compliment the Fox News Sheriff.

However many of our friends on the right used to shower him with compliments!

In Clarke's last race against Chris Moews, he squeeked out a victory, by a razor thing margin and had tons of free airplay and a bunch of white suburban voters who were doing what they were told by the one and only Charley Sykes.

They also greatly elevated interest in the race, helping conservative talk radio hosts Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes in their successful effort urging Republicans to vote in the Democratic primary and support Clarke.
Now there is a concerted efforts by the so-called "never trumpers" to take down Sheriff Clarke, not because of his idiotic tendencies, perpetual travel or complete incompetence, but because he has a huge man crush on The Donald(whom they also helped create)

Can we please, please, please, stop giving the right wing Wisconsin cabal credit for trying to rewrite their own history and wash their hands of the mess they made?  

These guys set the whole village on fire and are now pretending they have never played with matches!


  1. So true. Sykes and Chrissy pulling the crocodile tears over what today's GOP is so transparent and disgusting.

    Sykes basically admitted tonight on MSNBC that his rube listeners didn't really care about/for handing over Medicaid to the states or selling out public education. Which is why their shows and columns became cesspools of race-baiting, victimization and other resentment acts. Because those items were able to distract the goobers from what the puppet GOP politicians were doing for the Bradley Foundation oligarchs....and doing TO the rubes.

  2. Sykes has a long way to go to rehabilitate himself, if that is even possible after all the crap he spewed and the lives he harmed with his hateful rhetoric. Schneider...I just don't care.