Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Federal Judge Tosses Frivolous John Doe Lawsuit

As the gentle reader might remember, Scott Walker was investigated twice for political corruption. The first investigation netted six arrests and convictions.

The second investigation found that prosecutors believed Walker to be the center of a "criminal scheme."

The investigators must have been getting close because the right wing,m dark money groups which were in collusion with Walker started throwing everything they could to hinder and even kill the investigation. These efforts included a myriad of frivolous lawsuits to slow prosecutors down enough for the bought and paid for Wisconsin Supreme (Kangaroo) Court to declare the corruption to be legal and closed the case.

One of these front groups for the dark money special interests that filed a lawsuit to stop the investigation was the misnamed MacIver Institute. The MacIver Institute is a collection of who's who of Wisconsin's dirtiest Republicans and is funded by the Koch Brothers and the Bradley Foundation. In other words, they are the Injustice League of Wisconsin.

MacIver claimed that prosecutors violated the law by illegally seizing evidence by not notifying the subjects that their emails were being confiscated.

On Wednesday, this lawsuit, like all the others filed in a real court of law, was summarily tossed out like the garbage it is.:
A federal judge Wednesday threw out a lawsuit that a conservative group brought against prosecutors over how they conducted their investigation of Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign.

The MacIver Institute alleged in its lawsuit that Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and others violated a federal law by seizing records without alerting their owners that they had taken them.

But U.S. District Judge William Conley ruled that prosecutors had acted properly because they took the records after getting a warrant. What's more, the prosecutors and investigators are immune from litigation, Conley ruled.
MacIver has vowed to appeal the ruling. Why not? It's not like they're wasting taxpayer dollars on these frivolous lawsuits.

Meanwhile, Walker must be less than thrilled. The last thing he wants as he gears up for yet another reelection campaign are his fellow cohorts in this criminal syndicate reminding the voters just how corrupt he really is.

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