Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wisconsin's Snowflakes

Like many Republicans around the country, Wisconsin's Republicans have been doing their best to avoid their constituents and not have to listen to their anger or how they are not representing them. But since this is Wisconsin, our snowflakes tend to be bigger and uglier, even though we are going through an unseasonable warm spell.

Even Lyin' Paul Ryan is no exception.

Ryan's office stopped taking phone calls from his constituents. (Don't worry, he gave his personal phone number to all of his wealthy friends and benefactors - y'know, the people he truly represents.

So the people started a petition drive. But Ryan's office refused to accept the petitions.

So then the people set up a town hall meeting. Yep, you guessed it. Ryan didn't bother to show to meet his constituents:
Lining up behind microphones Sunday evening, a few hundred of Rep. Paul Ryan’s constituents directed their wrath and disapproval toward an empty chair.

“It says a lot to me that he’s not here,” said Lee Hansen of Racine, who served in the 82nd Airborne in the 1970s. “Maybe we should repeal and replace Paul Ryan.”

Forward Kenosha organizers scheduled the town hall meeting Sunday evening at a union hall to give residents of the 1st Congressional District a way to get their thoughts and opinions to the Janesville Republican.

Julia Kozel, a Forward Kenosha board member, said Ryan was invited to the event but didn’t respond. She said she found out he wasn’t coming through a story in the Kenosha News a few days earlier.

“I don’t think he appreciates hearing things contrary to his ideology,” said Kozel.
Word is that the empty chair was a better listener and its personality wasn't as wooden as Ryan's.

But Ryan is a practitioner of good government compared to our dumb senator, RoJo.

Oh, sure, RoJo had "town hall meetings." But they were in very select environments with hand-picked attendees. Not the regular riffraff one mind find at these types of events.

When the people of Wisconsin exercised their First Amendment right to petition the government for redress and grievances, RoJo responded by issuing them a Cease And Desist Letter, simply signed "Staff":

From Citizen Action of Wisconsin:
Dissent is patriotic, that's what we believe. That's why for months we've been showing up to Congressional offices, calling every day, writing letters/emails/postcards & more. And it's why our members took part in town halls and rallies across the state last week during the Congressional Recess, including a 500+ person rally in Greenfield and 150+ in Wausau. Complete with empty chairs for, and a large cardboard cutout of, Senator Ron Johnson.

And what do the people who come to our actions get? A "cease and desist" letter (click for full letter) from the Senator's office (signed "staff"). Senator Johnson is trying his best not to hear our concerns about the future of healthcare, about the future of our country and the fate our of families.
These two snowflakes must be afraid that they will melt under the heat of the wrath of their real constituents. Now it's time to turn the heat up higher. They really stepped in it with their myopic agenda and trying to ignore the Constitution isn't going to save them.


  1. They truly have nothing, and GOPs aren't too keen on that "consent of the governed" thing.

    Agree that now is the time to push back harder, especally since they're trying to use their propaganda machine to lie about ACA.

  2. Wonder how much the protesters were paid?

    1. Probably the same as your GPA


      OWN THE FAILURE, Bagger