Saturday, March 18, 2017

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! The Big Shift!

By Jeff Simpson 

Once again the future jobs outlook looks very bright in Wisconsin.   Just ask Manpower:

According to the Milwaukee-based temporary services firm ManpowerGroup, 24 percent of Wisconsin employers expect to add jobs during the next three months, 2 percent of the employers are forecasting layoffs, and the remaining are predicting no change in staffing.
Manpower's Chris Layden said the state's 22 percent net employment outlook is up from earlier this year.
"Now this is up, almost 10 points, from the first quarter of the year," Layden said. "So you are seeing from a quarter to quarter standpoint, some nice growth projected in Wisconsin, getting us back to levels we saw in early 2016." 
 Of course that means we should ignore the fact that Wisconsin is currently ranked 32nd(out of 50 for those scoring at home) in actual job growth.

Among 10 Midwest states, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, South Dakota and Ohio all added private sector jobs at a faster rate than Wisconsin, while Wisconsin outpaced growth in Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and North Dakota.
The numbers marked a continuation of a trend for Wisconsin.  In the previous three quarterly reports, Wisconsin has ranked 30th33rd36th in private sector job growth. Wisconsin ranked 36th in the same report a year ago.

 It was nice of Mr. Layden to take time out of his incredibly busy schedule to tell us about the uptick in hiring that he was expecting.,    What was Mr. Layden doing that was taking his time, while he was telling us about the rosy job outlook in Wisconsin?   Figuring out how many people to lay off from Manpower of course:

"Unfortunately, over the next three to twelve months there will be approximately 150 job losses in our Milwaukee headquarters as we continue to automate and digitize our business. We have great people and those that are impacted are being supported with outplacement and career transition benefits.
Nothing says uptick like lay-offs!   Welcome to Bizarro Wisconsin where things are rarely as we are told they are.

What does Scott Walker have to say about jobs, after all, he was the one who promised a floor of 250,000 jobs.....

 Gov. Scott Walker is brushing off a Milwaukee newspaper article claiming Wisconsin is about 60,000 jobs short of his 2010 promise to create 250,000 private-sector jobs in four years.Walker told the Rotary Club of Milwaukee on Tuesday that he's adjusted that pledge, saying he's focusing on getting more people trained for the workforce.
"I qualify that now saying ... I got more people employed than ever before," Walker said. "You ask people on the street who are hiring, it's not how many jobs are created, it's how many people are there to fill them. And so, I've shifted from that, and said my number one issue is workforce. I need to find those people."

Basically :

Who knew that you can "shift" your promises to bend how you want them to sounds when you decide to break them?  What Scott Walker is telling us is , he would have easily fulfilled his promise if only people in Wisconsin were smart enough to fill the jobs....  

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