Friday, May 12, 2017

The Lilliputian Mind of Robin Vos

By Jeff Simpson

We discussed the unconstitutional bill that was written by the taxpayer funded right wing Goldwater Institute and pushed forward by Rep. Jesse Kremer and Rep. Robin Vos, in terms of the neverending supply of irony and hypocrisy that the WISGOP keep mining.  

As if we did not have a lifetime supply already, Jesse Kremer and Robin Vos gave testimony today on the bill.  One of the unintended consequences of a bill written to whine legislate the false perceptions that only liberals are allowed public forums, is to make sure the reporters covering your event, would never paint you as the fool you are.  

Vos, Kremer: Bill to protect speech on campuses necessary after recent incidents

Lets look at some of the things that Robin Vos said(some reported on and some not):

“Intolerance and physical aggression have replaced healthy debates and a free marketplace of ideas” at universities, Vos said. “We cannot have a debate if only one side is allowed to show up.”
Which brings to mind this: 

Can we please get someone in the mainstream media to ask Mr. Vos why he wants different standards in the partially funded UW University system than in the 100% taxpayer funded State Capitol?

Next they listed three incidences as "justification" for ending free speech as we know it on Campus:

Speakers cited well-publicized, disruptive protests against controversial speakers at the University of California-Berkeley and Middlebury College in Vermont, as well as a demonstration that interrupted part of conservative commentator Ben Shapiro’s talk at UW-Madison last fall.
Lets look at each one a bit more in depth: 

!.  University of California-Berkeley:  A right wing institute, funded by Betsy DeVos(yes that Betsy), has come up with a plan to send some of the most despicable people in America on speaking tours of college campuses to get this reaction to show how "intolerant the left is".    They tried to bring Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on campus and the students were not very excited about that.    If the name Milo rings a bell, that is because he was at Marquette speaking recently and he outted a transgender student by name and picture, putting their safety in danger.  

There was a protest of Milo from local students and a counter -protest of Trumpers which resulted in some violence and 20 people arrested.   While it is handy to blame "the liberals" for that, let us not forget that half of the protesters are staunch followers of this guy: 

Hard to believe where the violence comes from.  

2.  Middlebury College in Vermont:   Robin Vos made a point over and over that since the University system is publicly funded, we have a responsibility to pass this bill.    Middlebury College is private liberal arts college located in Middlebury, Vermont. The college was founded in 1800 by Congregationalists making it the first operating college or university in Vermont.    Private college, so its apples and oranges and a noncomparison.  

3.  Ben Shapiro's talk at UW - Madison.   Shapiro, a young hate filled Breitbardt writer, was interrupted by protesters for a full ten minutes, before he was allowed to finish preaching his hate and ignorance.   It takes a serious big government Republican to make a new overreaching law because a protester had to deal with a ten minute delay.   In case your wondering, this is Shapiro in Madison:  

 He seems nice.   

But wait there is more.  More ridiculous things said by Robin Vos.  This for instance: 

. says liberals want to control so much, what people eat, etc - can't believe they're saying legislators shouldn't control this.

Assembly Bill 177 would limit the types of food that could be purchased with Wisconsin’s food stamp program, FoodShare.
In addition to banning the purchase of foods such as lobster with the publicly-funded program, the legislation would also require that just over two-thirds of the benefits be used to purchase healthy foods:
“A lot of people, an awful lot of people who are on FoodShare are also on BadgerCare, so there is a direct financial benefit not just to the individual, which of course is obvious to have better health, but also to state taxpayers and society as a whole,” Rep. Robin Vos, R-Rochester, told the Associated Press.  
Robin, passes bills that actually tell people what they can eat and blames it on the liberals.  Is that ignorance, or just an extraordinary ability to lie?
Wait there is even more, some gems from Robin Vos that never were reported on:
*  "We believe that sunshine is the best disinfectant for reprehensible speech".   Robin Vos.    
I am curious if that means, with reprehensible members like Bob Gannon, that Robin Vos will be ending the incredulous practice of closed partisan caucuses.   I am pretty sure that sunshine shared  the inner thoughts of some of the members of the WISGOP caucus and the only place that would hire  some of the members hate filled, ignorance would be rightwisconsin.    

*  "We checked and almost all speakers were liberal. It makes no sense to not invite their opposition."  Robin Vos.    
Is Robin Vos that small minded that he believes there are only two sides to every issue?   For instance, Steven Levitan will speak at the commencement this spring, who exactly is the "conservative opposition" to him?  I guess they could have who ever came up with the "half hour news hour" comedy/news show on Fox as opposition to one of the smartest, funniest longest lasting sit coms in history.    Not sure who would be interested in hearing them, though.   
Another instance, Michael Sam, the first openly gay player who was on an NFL Roster gave a speech at UW-LaCrosse.  IS he considered liberal?   Who would be "the conservative opposition" to his speech?  Darren Sharper?  
Looking at the other end, one of the heroes of the right(and the reason behind the Middlebury College protests) is Professor Charles Murray.  According to Murray, disadvantaged groups are disadvantaged because, on average, they cannot compete with white men, who are intellectually, psychologically and morally superior.   Who exactly would "the opposition" be to Mr. Murray on the left?  Neil de grasse Tyson?   
We need bigger thinkers running our Government then such closed minded people as Robin Vos and Jesse Kremer.   
*  Finally, Robin Vos in trying desperately to make his point, brought up Global Climate Change.  "Global warming is one of the biggest debates right now.  There are a whole bunch of people on one side who believe it is real and there is a whole bunch of people on the other side who believe it isn't."  Robin Vos.    
Actually no Robin there is not a bunch of people on each side.   There are an almost near unanimity of peer reviewed scientists on one side and a whole bunch of people who make money on polluting the environment and the politicians they have purchased on the other side.   97% of scientists know it is man made and a major problem.    Should there be 50/50 speakers when the topic is 97/3?    

This is not even a solution in search of a problem, it is more a desperate group of people who know their grip on society is loosening by the second and they will do anything to not give up power.    This anti free speech bill, needs to be killed in committee and never heard from again.  

The first amendment does not guarantee you a chance to speak, it does not give you a public forum, nor does it mean people have to listen to you.  The First Amendment specifically says that our Government can not legislate speech, which is exactly what Robin Vos and Jesse Kremer are attempting to do here.   

Its ironic that while the WISGOP legislators are trying to figure out how to force their views on more people, the graduating seniors of Bethune Cookman, exercised their right to free speech as the Founders envisioned and showed us why the old oligarchy is scared and why the future of our country is in good hands, as long as our country and world is still around to pass on to them!  

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  1. “I am curious if that means... that Robin Vos will be ending the incredulous practice of closed partisan caucuses.”

    No, no, they are incredible (non-credible, not believable); we are incredulous (disbelieving).