Saturday, May 6, 2017

Walker Flip Flops On Ryancare

On Friday morning, it looked like Ryancare had found its first fan., Scott Walker said that he would consider allowing insurance company vultures to feed on those with preexisting conditions:
The House on Thursday approved a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and allow states to opt out of requirements for insurers on how they cover people with pre-existing conditions.

"That's something we certainly would consider," Walker said to reporters at a morning event promoting tourism. "It depends on the conditions, and again, what's in the House bill could be very different than what's in the Senate bill and what finally comes to the president. So I'm going to wait till I see what's in the final version."
In other words, he was letting insurance companies and dark money groups he was now accepting "campaign gifts."

After getting a lot of backlash and fearing another protest like 2011, Walker indicated he had flip flopped and now was against allowing the exemptions:
Soon after his comments took off online, Walker spokesman Jack Jablonski said people with pre-existing conditions would continue to have insurance coverage under any approach the administration might take.

In the afternoon, Walker posted a message on Twitter saying, "It is a given that WI will ensure coverage for people with pre-existing conditions." And in the evening, he told the Journal Sentinel he was "not looking to change" policies for those with pre-existing conditions.
Here's some free advice: Don't believe a word that comes from that weasel's mouth.

Four years ago, while campaigning for reelection as governor, he swore up and down that Right to Work laws would never happen in Wisconsin. Guess what? He was lying his ass off.

One of the first things Walker did after being sworn in for another term was to sign the legislation eliminating workers' rights.

So when it comes to Walker saying he'll protect those with pre-existing conditions...well, they might want to move to a friendlier state or get ready to make sure Walker isn't reelected next year.

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