Monday, May 15, 2017

The Real Paul Ryan

By Jeff Simpson

A few weeks ago, a group of childhood cancer survivors took their biannual trip to DC to lobby their congresspeople, and other politicians about their story and how we need more money for cancer research and cures.

One of the politicians that they specifically wanted to meet and tell their stories to was Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House from Janesville, WI.   One of the campers even had a personal connection to the Speaker and so worked a meeting time with Mr. Ryan when they were in DC.

However, things changed drastically when the 50 children(from One Step Camp), who have endured pain and suffering most people can only imagine(trust me, there is nothing like being told by your doctor that you have cancer), were told that the Speaker would not be hearing their stories on this trip.

The group of teenage cancer survivors were told when they arrived in DC that only a handful of the campers would be allowed time with Paul Ryan and that they would have about 5 minutes.

Enough time to get pictures taken and see the view of Washington DC from his plush taxpayer supplied office.

Yes Paul Ryan really did say they shared their "powerful stories" with him. As our long time readers of CogDis know :  but wait there is more!  

Paul Ryan put out THIS press release(emphasis mine):
As he always does, Speaker Ryan took time this week to meet with fellow Wisconsinites. He was inspired by the message he heard from students who beat childhood cancer; a teacher who has gone above and beyond to close the achievement gap; a group of state legislators who are moving Wisconsin forward; and many others.  


He did not take the time to meet with Wisconsinites and he had no interest in hearing any one's story. He even made about 40 kids stay away from his taxpayer supplied office because he did not want to be bothered with their story, unless they came with a check in hand of course!

For the Record, James Sensenbrenner was also "too busy" to meet with any of these kids.  His district is so gerrymandered that he did not even have to pretend.  

Everyone knows, I am not a fan of Paul Ryan, and with good reason!  

This however, goes way beyond a policy or personality difference.

Who would use a group of teenage cancer survivors as a political prop?  I never thought the answer would be the Speaker of the House of the United States.

It's easy to do, because he has all of the power in the relationship.   They are young and came home incredibly disillusioned with politics and our country.  Yet Paul Ryan can claim to have listened to them, while using them, and no one would know better.

Luckily, some of these courageous survivors are sharing their story, and showing us who Paul Ryan truly is.

Let's as a community stand up for these courageous young people!  

Paul Ryan has refused a town hall meeting, he is too busy traveling the country fundraising, but lets call him up, tweet him and tell him to meet with these children and this time ACTUALLY listen to their stories, with no cameras.  

Let's show these children that We the People have the power and thank them and reward them for their courage!  

Let's also put an actual face on pre-existing conditions for the person who has voted to repeal Obamacare over 60 times!

Paul Ryan can be reached here:

Washington, DC Office  Office Location:
1233 Longworth HOB 
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone:   (202) 225-3031  Fax:   (202) 225-3393 

Janesville Office Location:  
20 South Main Street, Suite 10 
Janesville, WI 53545
Phone:   (608) 752-4050  Fax:   (608) 752-4711  

Kenosha Office Location:  
5031 7th Avenue
Kenosha, WI 53140 
Phone: (262) 654-1901  Fax:   (262) 654-2156 

Racine Office Location:  
216 6th Street 
Racine, WI 53403 
 Phone:   (262) 637-0510  Fax:   (262) 637-5689 

Or Send a Letter/postcard to Paul Ryan at home:

Twitter:  @speakerryan @pryan 

Feel free to leave in the comments when you contacted him and what your response was!!  


  1. "Who would use a group of teenage cancer survivors as a political prop? I never thought the answer would be the Speaker of the House of the United States."

    The same man who washed already-clean pots and pans in an after-business soup kitchen for a photo-op?

  2. Jeff Simpson is recycling the same dung as Hollywood director and Ryan hater: "Joss Whedon has stepped away from Twitter after an offensive tweet he sent Thursday attacked the appearance of teen cancer survivors. The tweet has since been deleted but here it is ... Whedon has a particular hatred for Paul Ryan. In January he tweeted about how funny it would be to see Ryan killed by a rhino. The problem with the tweet above is that it’s not really focused on Paul Ryan. Whedon is making the young women in the photo contestants in an imaginary reality TV show and he seems to be mocking their appearance as well, i.e. “Not a 10.” That’s particularly despicable because the young women in this photo are teen cancer survivors."

  3. As you might note from the link provided above, the organizers were quite thrilled with the chance to meet and talk with the Speaker.

    1. Interesting, see they used their ability to advocate for themselves and contacted me with their experiences. Unless you actually talked to someone who was there, which neither you nor the hot air(aptly named) website have done.

  4. Jeff, can you share your sources? I gather that someone from the organization contacted you? I am hoping that Frank Schultz from the Gazette will do an article.

    1. Unfortunately I can not share my sources, they were actually on the trip though. If he has questions he can contact me.

    2. But you weren't there, Jeff. Besides which, I'm not sure what your story is. That the cancer survivors did not come "with a check in hand"? That the Speaker spent an insufficient amount of time with them? Would the other members of the delegation agree with your source, if you actually had one? As for Hot Air, it reproduced the tweets from grateful participants complete with actual names. Are you saying they were forged?

    3. Dave, I will type slow because reading comprehension is hard.

      There was a group of about 50 kids that went to DC to advocate for thier tragic stories.

      They had a meeting set with Paul Ryan. Paul then changed the rules and said only a handful of the group could meet with him. Then when they got there he changed the rules again and did NOT listen to a single story but took a quick pic.

      Which is fine maybe he was actually busy, but the point is only a complete ass would then tweet, about hearing their powerful stories.

      I guess when you know you plan on leaving these moochers hanging, its so much easier if you dont have a face to think of when you do it.

      What were they supposed to do? spend time with them listening to their stories. Its so much easier to take healthcare away from 24 million people if you dont have to look them in the eye or understand the true consequences of your actions.

      On their website this is how they describe their DC trip.

      Students get an insider’s look at our government in action, as they spend a week in our nation’s capital participating in seminars, meeting with Congressional leaders and touring Washington’s landmarks, museums, and monuments

      They definitely saw how Government works. They all agreed that it was the worst trip they have ever had out there and all were disgusted with politics.

      Of course they tweeted out those pics, same way WASB tweets crap about working with the Governor. They cant speak their truth publicly.

      They also agreed not to bring the story up because things were so bad they didnt want to be attacked like what happens to anyone who dares criticize the GOP.

      That is why it took me a while to write the story and why i will never reveal my sources.

      Thats all kids with cancer need is to be subject to right wing attacks by the likes of you.

    4. Could you type a little slow-er? Now I am attacking kids with cancer?

  5. Jeff's other beefs are that Ryan did not accommodate all 50 camp visitors. But a check of their website shows that the delegation that day visited Reps. Grothman, Kelly, Messer, and Raja -- five congressional offices. I.E., they visited THEIR congressmen. Or is it your position, Jeff, that all five used a group of teenage cancer survivors as a political prop? Which raises the question, what were they supposed to do? Turn them away?

  6. The other question, Jeff, is why U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan did not host the young campers.

    1. Dave I do admire how hard you work to be part of the GOP in crowd, but if they havent let you in yet, they arent going to.

      The answer is simple, Pocan didnt meet with them but his staffer did and gave them a decent amount of time. AS we all know, many times the staffers are the ones who run the show.

      Also Pocan doesn't need his ego stroked or popularity points by exploiting cancer victims so he did not need to tweet out BS

  7. David loves hearing himself type long-windedly. Go donate to the childhood cancer fund right now...then excuse yourself to the corner.

  8. Mark Pocan is O.K. because a staffer met with the cancer survivors but Paul Ryan is a creep for actually meeting with them personally? You wouldn't be letting partisanship cloud your judgment would you? BTW, I am a cancer survivor.

    1. I didnt know that congrats for being in the club. I hope it stays away.

      I will cover this one more time.

      Pocan(staffer) gave them time listened to their stories and didnt run to a camera.

      Ryan, took no time, listened to no ones story and ran to a camera to show us how amazing and what a great guy he is.

  9. And Ryan's staffers didn't listen? Ryan did not bestow credibility and prestige to their efforts by his presence, the 2nd in line to the Presidency?

    1. David , you have a serious reading comprehension problem. That or your Red shades are just so blinding.

      No ryans staff never gave them time either. They took the picture and shuffled them out of the room prbably quicker than the time it took Ryan to tweet what a great guy he is,