Sunday, May 14, 2017

RoJo: Trump Meant Comey Recorded Their Conversations

By now, the gentle reader is assuredly aware of the threat that Trump issued to former FBI director, James Comey, via Twitter:

Wisconsin's dumb senator, RoJo, shows that he is dumber than most when it comes that tweet. WKOW-TV caught up with RoJo during the Wisconsin GOP convention this past weekend and got an answer that no rational person would have expected:
When asked by 27 News if it would be troubling to find out the President secretly recorded conversations with a sitting FBI Director, Sen. Johnson replied - "That'd be troubling, sure."

27 News followed up by asking if he thought there should be an investigation into whether such tapes were made, Sen. Johnson seemed puzzled why such a question would be asked.

Sen. Johnson then explained he disagreed that President Trump was trying to suggest he may have recorded those conversations.

"No, he said that Comey had better not have recorded it," said Sen. Johnson.

Refusing to speculate on a hypothetical, Sen. Johnson refused further comment on whether the matter should be investigated - saying the important thing is that a credible FBI director be appointed to replace Comey and continue the investigation into Russian collusion.
You read that right.

RoJo thinks Comey had secretly had secretly recorded the conversations between he and Trump. Unfortunately, RoJo refused to explain how, if that were true, the tapes would be a threat to Comey.

Interestingly, we do know that Trump does have a history of recording conversations although Trump's staff won't come out and admit it.

I think I'm starting to see why RoJo is deathly afraid of holding any town hall meetings.

H/T Chris Walker from Political Heat


  1. RoJo hadn't gotten a briefing from his masters yet. He has to be told what to think and what to say.