Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Paul Ryan Metaphor

By Jeff Simpson 

A story is making the rounds that an 8th grade class from New Jersey had a chance to get a picture with Paul Ryan(because he only takes pictures and does not care what you have to say), and a good majority of the kids said thanks but no thanks!  

“It’s not just a picture,” student Matthew Malespina told ABC News. “It’s being associated with a person who puts his party before his country.”
When he learned of his school’s impending photo op with Ryan, Malespina texted his mother he’s “just not going to do it.”
“The point was, ‘I don’t want to be associated with him, and his policies and what he stands for,’” Matthew’s mother Elissa Malespina said.

Paul Ryan, not being the brightest bulb on the tree, did not know that he was being stood up by many of the kids and posted this photo on his social media.  

The thing is it turned into the perfect metaphor for Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House:


Here is Paul Ryan, trying to be cool by fist bumping the white girl while ignoring the Person of Color and person with noticeable preexisting conditions.    Its so much easier to cut his health care and opportunities in America if you pretend he does not exist!   

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