Thursday, July 21, 2011

Walker, WISGOP Have A Real (WEA) Trust Issue

For several years, Scott Walker has loved to use the unions as his foil.  Whenever he screwed something up, he'd blame the unions.  Whenever he wanted to do something, no matter how foul or unethical, he'd say he had to because of the unions.

About the only thing he hasn't blamed the unions for is his ever-growing bald spot. And for all I know, he has done that, but only privately.

When he came out with his flagrantly unethical union busting bill, he said that it would give local governments the "tools" to balance their budgets despite his slashing their shared revenue from the state to draconian levels.  Walker, of course, said that these "tools" were needed because of the, you guessed it, the unions.

One of his, and in turn, WISGOP's, favorite targets was WEA Trust, the health care system managed by the teachers' union.  His claim, although repeatedly called out as being untrue, was that school systems would save a gazillion million dollars and create eleventy trillion jobs.

But they have begun to develop a real trust issue regarding this (emphasis mine):
Recently, the GOP issued a press release noting how the Marshfield School District had saved $850,000 by dumping the teacher's union insurance plan.

"School districts around Wisconsin are realizing serious cost savings now that they may search for health insurance providers outside of WEA Trust," wrote GOP staffer Katie McCallum. "The trust is a creation of WEAC that held a monopoly on providing over-priced health insurance to districts, formerly protected by collective bargaining agreements."

The only problem? Marshfield didn't dump the teacher's union insurance. It had actually switched to the WEA Trust plan from Security Health Plan, a private provider.
Walker had gotten so used to the kid gloves used by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and talk radio that he forgot there are really reporters in the state yet. People are onto his and WISGOP's way of lying, manipulating and unethical behaviors.

He also misjudged how angry the people would get as he and his cronies lied to us, about us and tried to take away everything we hold dear. It's gotten so bad that now that most people feel that he is doing a bad job and he is polling worse than Jim Doyle ever did.

In other words, things like their false attacks on WEA Trust has only pointed out to the people that it is Walker and WISGOP who cannot be trusted.

Perhaps Walker and company would benefit from a refresher course on the REAL facts about public sector workers.

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