Friday, July 1, 2011

WISGOP: Wisconsin's Grumpy Old Pullets or The Fearful Right

And by fearful, I don't mean fearsome, but full of fear.

The right wingers in the state should be so happy! They own both houses of the state legislature, the governor's mansion, the attorney general's office and the Supreme Court.  They have carte blanche to do whatever the hell they want, which is pretty much what's happened for the past six months.

But the right doesn't seem so happy.  In fact, they seem to be just the exact opposite.

One could notice the change as early as May when Representative Michelle Bachmann Litgens (R-Pluto) complained about the Solidarity Singalong:

Imagine that! Singing is equivalent to insanity!  I hope she doesn't find out about Summerfest. There's a lot of singing going on there.

Of course, the right wing echo chamber picked up on that and before you knew it and they were all griping about it.

Then their surliness changed focus and they all started to hate on one little red heart-shaped balloon.  Some called it "a piece of trash" while others advocated violence and potentially causing actual damage to the Capitol Building.

All that animosity just for a harmless balloon.

If you thought they stopped there, you'd be surprised.

Now we have as the next illness to hit the right, posters.  Representative Dean Kaufert (R -CrabbyPants) is bent out of shape because some of his colleagues are expressing solidarity with the people.

The horror! Elected officials actually relating to and representing the people who voted for them!

But in reality, it's not the singing, the balloon or the posters that has the right peeved. These are just the convenient target for their frustrations.

I don't know exactly what the conservatives expected when they took over and started to attack the working men and women of this state.  Maybe they thought we would welcome them as liberators, like the delusional George W. Bush thought the Iraqis would react when he invaded and bombed their country to smithereens.  Maybe they thought they would break our spirits as they attacked our rights, our livelihoods and tried to turn us into corporate slaves.

Whatever it was they were expecting, they sure didn't get it. What they did get is a face full of Wisconsin spirit. They found out that we are a freedom loving people that cherish justice more than money. That we care more for people than for profits.  That we would rather slog through the snow, sleep in the cold on frozen ground, get blisters on our feet from canvassing and blisters on our fingers from data entry rather than give up the time honored traditions and values of truth and justice and human compassion.

Most of all, they found out that we are in solidarity. When one of us falters, we pick them up and support them until they are able to carry on their own again.  When one of theirs begins to falter, they harass, threaten and coerce them back into line.  They found that we are resilient, we are strong, we are one.

They found we are #wiunion.

They found we are #solidaritywi.

They found We Are Wisconsin.

And they found we won't take it. They found we will fight back, any way we can, until this state is set back to rights.

So you see, it's not really the balloons, the singing or the fist posters they are angry with.

They fear and hate what those things stand for.

They fear and hate that they misunderstood us, and that no matter how long it takes to actually be realized, that we won't stop until they are stopped.

Happy Independence Day, Wisconsin, whenever that day will be again.


  1. Fear-based is right. The main thing repugs are afraid of is other people (even their own kids) taking their money. Money, money, money. That's all they care about and it shows. What a sad life to lead.....

  2. "The strength and power of despotism consists wholly in the fear of resistance." - Thomas Paine

    How clueless they were and are; Republican politicos have lived too long in their echo chamber. I am so proud of my fellow Wisconsinites who have fought back against ideological-blinded over-reach.