Sunday, July 3, 2011

Paul Ryan: Lonelier Than The Maytag Repair Man

Just look at these Craiglist ads that the Wisconsin congressman with Donald Trump hair took out:

I'm trying to end Medicare, but can we still be friends?

Third most unpopular Republican politician in the country desperately seeks ANYONE who will stand by him in local Fourth of July Parade. Walking with Congressman Ryan does not guarantee your support of his plan to end Medicare. It is merely the start of the conversation.

Small flags will be provided! Please note that under Ryan's plan for this Sunday's Kenosha Civic Veterans Parade, the flags will not be rationed. They will be distributed through a premium support system.

Parade walkers are also encouraged to start P90X training for the route.
and then there's this one:

WANTED: Man for Friend

Are you a fan of sparsely-attended political rallies, miniature American flags made in China, and fiscal policies that shortchange American seniors?

Are you so wildly unpopular that standing next to the guy who the majority of Americans have rejected for ending Medicare will make YOU look good?

Have we got the event for you. This Sunday, join Congressman Paul Ryan for Sunday's Kenosha Civic Veterans Parade. Because let's face it, otherwise, he'll be all by himself.

Taxbreaks for millionaires and billionaires who come! Mini flags for everyone else. Hope to see you there!
Paul Ryan has held his seat for a long time and hasn't done one thing to help the people in Wisconsin. It's time for him to go.

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