Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Who Paid For Paul Ryan's Wine?

We all know the story of how Paul Ryan and a couple of right wing friends went out to enjoy $700 of wine as they celebrated cutting people off of Medicaid.

But whose money was spent on this wine?

According to news stories, Ryan put one of the bottles on his credit card, so his defenders say he paid for it.

But hold on a minute.

 It is these very same people who accused me of spending "their" money on things they didn't approve of, like my membership to the union or to the political arm of the union.  In their hate-filled minds, the fact that I'm a public employee and paid with tax dollars means that they can dictate what I do with my money.

Well, guess what - Paul Ryan is also a public employee and gets paid with tax dollars (as well as a lot of lobbyist cash and kickbacks, I'm sure).  That means his money is ours and instead of spending it on overpriced grape juice, he should use it to restore some of the damage he's done in his years in Washington.


  1. I really detest the phrase "I don't want my tax money used for..." We teachers run into that all too often.
    On another note: Paul Ryan, if he wants his hometown Wisconsin respect, should really be drinking artisan beers.

  2. This incident is a terrific metaphor for Rep. Ryan. He's drinking IMPORTED wine at a restaurant where the menu is in FRENCH. If I recall, the wingnut who support Rep. Ryan don't like anything that's FRENCH. "Bistro Bis," is not a joeandjanesixpack, meat and potatoes kinda place. The prices of the entree's start at $25.00 and then head north. This is where the elites dine.