Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sometimes A Picture Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words

Today, Tuesday, July 19 is the second round of recall votes, in which the Republicans do their favorite tit-for-tat ploy and go after the three Democrats they were able to finagle enough signatures for.

In Green Bay, the incumbent Dave Hansen is defending his seat against the Republican challenger David Vanderleest, who basically won the chance by default when the favored Republican, John Nygren, couldn't even scrounge up 400 signatures to get on the ballot.

Vanderleest is not the Republicans' knight in shining armor though, given his long legal history which included allegations of domestic violence, tax evasion, child abuse and drug-related charges.

Besides all of his legal troubles, Vanderleest has been an embarrassment to himself and to the Republicans with his poorly worded and rather paranoid-sounding press releases.  The most recent one is accusing the Democrats, Hansen's campaign, bloggers, the unions, and other groups of conspiring against him and doing other dirty politicking. He has gone to say he's going to sue them all (and their little dog too!) and that they under an investigation by the Department of Justice.

The DOJ has come out to say that he is being a bit premature with his statements regarding any investigation and that they just received a two-page complaint which was described thus:
The two-page complaint offers no evidence of coordinated activity other than a statement that it is “evident that these groups are working together, pooling resources, staff, and coordinating their efforts.”
As for the lawsuits, Vanderleest's attorney might want to calm him down and warn his cliet before he gets SLAPPed himself.

Things have gotten so bad that even conservative pundits have written him off as a lost cause.

But not all Republicans have written off Vanderleest yet.  There's still at least one who likes this violent, law-breaking, delusional character. And there's photographic evidence of their chumminess:

Rather fitting, don't you think?

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