Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Koch Brother Sock Puppet Show Hits The Road Again

In the spring, with the help of a reader, I was able to show you how the Koch brothers used their heavy hands and poured money into the Wisconsin Supreme Court race through their various front groups.  The Koch-purchased David Prosser paid off in spades almost immediately by ignoring the laws of the land and rubber stamping Scott Walker's union-busting bill without hesitation or thought.

With the help of several friends and allies, we now find that the Koch Brothers Sock Puppet Show is on the road again, this time interfering with the recall elections.

Greg Sargent tripped the whole thing with this article showing that John Buckstaff, the fake Democrat in the race is actually a Republican backer and has donated money to Randy Randy "Bed" Hopper.  Furthermore, Sargent tells us that a flyer that they've been distributing telling people to vote for Buckstaff is aimed at getting Republican voters to cross over in the primary and shut the real Democrat, Jessica King, out of the race immediately.

Also remarkable about Sargent's findings is that the flyer is paid for by a group called "Patriot Advisors."

And this is where we go into the same sordid incestuous intermingling that the Koch Brothers are known for.

Patriot Advisors is headed up by Tim Dunn and Denis Calabrese.

Calabrese, the former Chief of Staff for Dick Armey, is also on the director of the Sam Adams Alliance, yet another Koch Brother front group and money chute. This Sam Adams Alliance also funnels the Koch dollars to other groups like Americans For Prosperity and the Franklin Center for Public and Government Integrity*.

The sharp-eyed reader might have already noticed, but it was the Franklin Center which is quoted in the anti-King flyer.

Just to be clear, the Sam Adams Alliance, Patriot Advisors and Franklin Center are all Koch-funded groups with incestuous ties to each other. One of them is using the other to justify voting for the fake Democrat instead of trying to defend the Republican and his boorish behavior or facing the consequences for his actions.

Or in other words, the sock puppet on the Kochs' right and hand makes some statement, regardless of the whether it's true, half-true or a bold faced lie, and then they have the sock puppet on the left hand repeat the lie in order to reinforce it and give it false credibility.

And I'm sure this scenario is being played out in the other races as well.

And this is exactly why the "get out to vote" over the next few days is so important. We can't let the Koch Brothers continue to screw with our elections. And despite their money and their deceitful practices, we have three things they will never have.  We have the boots on the ground of true Wisconsinites. we have the truth and we have the strong desire to defend our homes from the corporate overlords and their malevolent ways.

As a reminder, here is the list of who's who in the primaries, including the Koch funded phonies.

*To show you the irony of the name of Franklin Center for Public and Government Integrity, look at their most recent hire, Kevin Binversie, who likes to slander people, even the disabled, and makes decisions based on the whims of twenty-something year olds.  Perhaps they should look up the definition of integrity before they start demanding it of others.


  1. Capper,

    It seems you'd like to convince your readers that the Kochs are some kind of shadow GOP conspiracy group, but recent events dispute this and I have yet to see you cover them on the blog.

    First, a Koch subsidiary was in trouble for excess campaign contributions, including some to the Democratic Governor's Association. Then there was the fundraising letter and voicemail from Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington.

    As a conservative, I agree we should be wary of the alliance of big business and big government, and I think you would agree with me. It's too bad you can't see that this king of thing will go on as long as we continue to increase the size and scope of government in this country.

  2. Au contraire, mon frere.

    A) I find it highly suspect that the agency that broke the news about the illegal contributions was a subsidiary of the group. I like fish, but I don't go for red herrings.

    Secondly, the smaller the government, the easier it is to corrupt and keep corrupt. Else why would the very people that wish to buy our government, ie Koch Brothers, want to shrink it down to the point of drowning it in the bathtub? The smaller the government, the easier it is to hide the corruption.

  3. Get Out The Vote efforts are extremely important. We progressives may not have a lot of money, but we still have our votes. Now pardon me, I have phone bank data waiting to be entered for OFA.

  4. That is a brilliant call-out. You connect the dots, and it becomes obvious and scary how much these groups are all run by the same people.

    And yes, GOTV can send a strong message on Tuesday. We also need to keep an eye on every county clerk and absentee ballot, because those are the places where the next Kathy Nickolaus will try to help her/his party through election fraud.

    If we make a big statement on Tuesday, and win the primaries by a lot, it leads to serious momentum for Aug. 9, and a serious backfire from the bumblers in WisGOP.

  5. Corporate-funded corporate lobbyists pretending to be grassroots organizations is another big con job we see all too frequently. It can fairly be called propaganda.